What to Bring to a Peaceful Protest

The gear you should bring when exercising your Constitutional right to peaceably assemble, and what you should leave behind.
Samantha Cole
Drift Currents

Everything I Brought With Me on a 1,200-Mile River Canoe Trip

It took five months to plan, purchase, test, re-purchase, and pack the gear I'd need to paddle the entire length of the Mackenzie River to report on climate change.
Brian Castner

Why You Can't See 23andMe's Transparency Report Outside the US

Why can't 23andMe's international customers see if their governments are asking for their data?
Jordan Pearson

Essential Tech for Rally Car Racing 10,000 Miles Across Eurasia

I would rather have and not need than need and not have.
Matt Cook
Music to Fake Shore Drive By

Music to Fake Shore Driveby Volume 6: Don't Forget About the Midwest

Hi haters, Chicago's premier taste-making hip-hop blog Fake Shore Drive is back off hiatus with a new installment of their reoccurring series with Noisey.
VICE Staff

Cage Fighting Just Returned to Melbourne

Earlier this month the government in Victoria, Australia, lifted its ban on mixed-martial-arts cage fighting. We went along to see what all the fuss was about.
Chris Shearer
SXSW 2015

Rappers Are Dressing Like 80s Rock Stars and It's Awesome

Rappers have essentially become the new rock stars, a sentiment that has trickled down into pushing the boundaries of hip-hop’s style.
Tara Mahadevan

Welcome to KIT's Ever-Changing, Lownt World

KIT went from freestyling in Cincinnati to binding books in Atlanta to pursuing constant innovation in Chicago's music scene.
Brian Josephs
Longreads Or Whatever

The-Drum Are Building an Amazing Experimental Pop Scene in Chicago Whether They Want to or Not

Working with acts like JODY, The GTW, KIT, and others, The-Drum are spearheading an unlikely movement as they launch a new label, Lo Motion.
Britt Julious

South By South Selfie

This is me looking sad and day drunk with Ryan Hemsworth.
Briana Cheng
New music

PREMIERE: KIT ft. Jeremiah Meece "Cinnamon and Gold Teeth"

Watch the Chicago rapper waste irresponsible amounts of malt liquor.
Ezra Marcus

What The Hell is NewWavey? KIT Explains. Kinda.

Think about floating in an isolation chamber, three weed brownies deep, and you’re getting close to being NewWavey. Also: watch KIT's video for "Cloud On My Mind."
Zach Sokol