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Klay Thompson Isn't Taking Any of Your Shit

The Golden State Warriors guard was asked by reporters about how he's going to improve his shooting, and Klay did not back down.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Klay Thompson Will Break Your Brain

The Golden State Warriors sharpshooter is a lot like that guy you went to high school with who no one expected anything from, then he went on to live his best, most extravagant life.
Corbin Smith

Klay Takes a Spill While Dancing to 'Too Close' at Steph's 30th Birthday

Thompson was later joined on stage by a whole bunch of Golden State Warriors. Curry was being hand-fed ribs. Seemed tight.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Klay Thompson's Dad Laments the Pitiful State of Arm Muscles in the Modern NBA

Former Laker Mychal Thompson recently pined for the days of Corey Maggette-caliber arms in the league. But was he really just calling out his son?
Corbin Smith
Over the Thompson

Klay Thompson, China Chronicles: Gets Tickled, Destroyed in Arm Wrestling

It's fun. It's silly.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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NBA Champion Klay Thompson Goes Hard On the Court and In the Club

The Golden State Warrior was spotted getting down to a Tiësto and Oliver Heldens track in a Chinese nightclub.
Krystal Rodriguez
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Warriors Toaster Guy Got an Invite to the Victory Parade

In March, Klay Thompson signed a toaster for a fan. Three months later, the Warriors are NBA Champs. Coincidence?
Sean Newell

Zaza Scored More Points than Klay Thompson Last Night And Wants Him to Know About It

When you're an all star on the Warriors and you have an off night, there are three others to take your place.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Golden State Warriors

Without Durant, the Warriors Don't Have a Failsafe

Thursday's loss to the Bulls showed what can happen to the Warriors if their shots aren't falling and Durant's not there to get to the rim.
Robert O'Connell

Klay Steals Steph's Ball in Warmups, Because Klay is a Hammer and All He Sees Are Nails

Steph Curry's warmup routine has gotten progressively more ridiculous lately, and Klay was having none of it.
Liam Daniel Pierce
all star game

An Early Look at the Likely NBA All-Star Snub Team

NBA All Star voting just started but we're already predicting who is going to be snubbed.
Michael Pina
klay thompson

Klay Thompson Goes off for 60, Still "Not Sacrificing Shit"

Klay Thompson scored 60 points in 29 minutes last night and took only 11 dribbles to do it.
Robert O'Connell