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Meet the hitman and the vigilante who say they're trapped inside Mexico’s drug wars

The government claims it has crushed the Knights Templar cartel in its bastion in the state of Michoacán. These two fighters tell a different story.
Falko Ernst

Pope Francis Tells Mexican Priests Not to Resign Themselves to the Drug Wars

The Pope was speaking in the beleaguered state of Michoacán where a military-led offensive nearly a decade ago kicked off Mexico’s bloody drug wars. At least 28 priests have been killed since then.
Alan Hernandez

What It’s Like to Be a Priest in the Trouble Spots the Pope is Visiting in Mexico

The Pope is heading for Chiapas, Michoacán, and Ciudad Juárez. Local priests talk about working in places where indigenous traditions mean chickens are sacrificed in church, poor farmers ask if it's ok to grow drugs, and where cartels rule.
David Agren
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Sex, Snacks, and Soccer: How Mexican Drug Lords End Up Captured

El Chapo's now famous mobile conversations with actress Kate del Castillo while he was Mexico's most wanted fugitive are just one of many examples of seeming carelessness that has brought down capos who are supposed to be experts in security.
Andrea Noel

Mexico's Human Rights Watchdog Says Excessive Force by Federal Police Killed Six

The watchdog said the deaths occurred following an operation in January to crack down on vigilantes in the city of Apatzingan in the heart of the troubled Hot Land region of the state of Michoacan.
Melissa del Pozo

We Talked to One of Mexico's Leading Vigilantes

The former leader of a group of vigilantes in Mexico has just been released from prison, and is now eyeing a career in politics. VICE News speaks with Hipólito Mora about life after his release.

Illuminati Art: Inside the Aesthetics of a Modern Conspiracy

The New World Order may not exist—but that doesn’t mean we wouldn't know what it would look like if it did.
Tanja M. Laden

Mexican Town Blames 12-Year-Old’s Death on Military Gunfire in Vigilante Dispute

Community leaders said Mexican soldiers fired indiscriminately, killing Edilberto Reyes and injuring six others in the restive state of Michoacan.
Charbell Lucio and Laura Castellanos

El Chapo's Prison Escape Represents Yet Another Failure of the Mexican Government

The director of the new documentary "Cartel Land" describes how Mexican citizens have been driven to vigilantism because the police and military are unable or unwilling to help.
Matthew Heineman

‘It Was the Feds’: How Mexico’s Federal Police Slaughtered At Least 16 Civilians in Michoacan

Former rural police officers were protesting their disbanding and lack of pay when Mexican federal police stormed their encampment and proceeded to execute at least 16 people, according to this special report.
Laura Castellanos

Mexico's Government Is Brushing Off Report of Another State Massacre of Unarmed Civilians

After the missing 43 and the massacre at Tlatlaya, the country is now facing a third likely state-led mass killing in less than a year. A journalist says federal police killed 16 civilians in Apatzingan, Michoacan.
Andrea Noel

How the Jalisco New Generation Cartel Is Terrorizing the People of Western Mexico

Not even Mexico's famous tequila industry is immune to extortion and intimidation linked to the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion. On March 19, the group carried out another ambush on state forces, leaving 11 dead.
Duncan Tucker and Victor Hugo Ornelas