la bestia


Life Along Mexico’s Infamous Rail Tracks Where Migrants Hop Freights into the US

Where “La Bestia” crosses through Guadalajara, Laura Avila camps along the tracks and salvages trash to help her temporary neighbours.
Chris Donovan

The Relatives of Missing Migrants Find Joy and Pain While Searching in Mexico

The relatives are part of an annual trip to look for Central American migrants who went missing in Mexico, mostly on their way to the United States. Activists say thousands disappear every year during the increasingly dangerous journey.
Orsetta Bellani
El Salvador

El Salvador’s Young People Are Killing, Dying, and Running

No single group has been more tragically impacted by El Salvador's gang war than the young. Preyed on at school and in their barrios, many families seek to send them to the United States but this is getting more difficult and dangerous to do.
Danny Gold

These Women Are Feeding Central American Immigrants Atop a Speeding Train

For 20 years, a group of women known as Las Patronas have been feeding US-bound immigrants from all over Central America as they pass through Mexico on a freight train known as La Bestia—The Beast.
Leopoldo Hernández

These Honduran Migrants Mutilated By ‘The Beast’ Want to Talk to President Obama

They fell from the train that thousands of migrants ride each year to try to reach the United States. They say their mutilations are their "visas" to enter the country.
Andalusia Knoll

Mexico Is Implementing New Measures to Curb Influx of US-Bound Central American Migrants

The dangerous train known as The Beast is being raided by police, monitored by satellites, and sped up in hopes of deterring migrant passengers.
Caitlin Trimble

Garifuna People Are Risking Everything to Flee Their Ancestral Honduran Homelands

Facing poverty and prejudice at home, the Garifuna communities of Central America are migrating north in huge numbers. VICE News visited Honduras to find out more.
Tim Smyth

Border Patrol Propaganda Producers Tell Us They Think US Immigration Policy is Broken

Meet the men who produced a US-approved song warning against the dangers of "La Bestia" migrant train: they're willing to collaborate again.
Andrea Noel