3 days ago

Instacart Delivery Workers Are Planning a Three Day Strike

In November, Instacart workers across the country will disrupt operations of the grocery delivery app by cancelling and refusing to take orders.


Gig Workers Are Forming the World’s First Food Delivery App Unions

In less than two weeks, Uber Eats and Foodora couriers in Japan and Norway have formed the first unions representing delivery app workers.


Trump's Wellness Programs Won't Make You Feel Better

Reducing insurance premiums for employees who engage in "healthy" behaviors benefits few people in practice. The Trump administration is letting states do it anyway.


Organized Amazon Warehouse Workers Just Got Two Fired Co-Workers Rehired

Workers at a delivery center in Sacramento asked management on Monday to reinstate two fired co-workers, and they won their request.


Drivers Say Reporting Assault to Lyft is ‘Extremely Traumatic’

Drivers Motherboard spoke to say they were assaulted by riders and Lyft did little to help them. Experts say Uber and Lyft don't take the same safety measures as taxis.


60 Amazon Workers Walked Out Over Warehouse Working Conditions

They are asking for better pay on the night shift and better working conditions. It's the second work stoppage at a Minnesota fulfillment center in the last two months.


UK Trade Union Launches Campaign Against Games Studio That Fired a Developer Who Organized

The indie games studio Ustwo sacked a leading organizer of the UK’s nascent video games union— and his union is threatening the company with legal action.


Kickstarter Workers Just Asked for Union Recognition Despite Pushback From CEO

Days after Kickstarter's CEO Aziz Hasan said he would not voluntarily recognize a union at the company, employees sent him a letter requesting voluntary recognition.


AT&T Workers Fight For Their Lives As Company Faces Investor Revolt

Union workers say an investor plan to save the company will only make the problem worse.


Tesla Makes the Industry’s Safest Cars in One of its Most Dangerous Factories

A judge has found Elon Musk in violation of labor law numerous times. This makes sense considering how unsafe his factory is.


Here’s What the CEO of Kickstarter Said to Creators About Firing Union Organizers

The CEO Aziz Hasan denied retaliating against employees for union organizing, but said that a "union framework is inherently adversarial."


General Motors Fired Five Mexican Workers For Aiding the U.S. Auto Strike

Factory workers at a GM plant in central Mexico lost their jobs after refusing to work overtime in solidarity with striking GM employees in the U.S.