Late Capitalism

Bloody Strikes Created the America We're Now Losing to the Super Rich

Here's how hard workers had to fight to have a semblance of dignity in a country obsessed with the gospel of frontier capitalism.
Philip Eil
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How Columbia's Photography Students Protected the Picket Line

When the Ivy League institution's graduate workers went on strike, these classes decided to work in solidarity.
VICE Staff
Drug tests

What Happens if You Refuse to Take a Drug Test for Work?

It's a good thing to know your rights.
Luke O'Neil
Views My Own

The Supreme Court Just Declared Open Season on Workers in America

A high court decision Monday makes it easier for your boss to steal from you—and is part of a broad anti-union wave.
Matt Taylor

Unions Want to Know Where the Hell All That Trump Tax Cut Money Went

Several unions are demanding that employers explain what exactly they're doing with they huge windfall Republicans gave them.
Livia Gershon
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Oklahoma's Governor Just Compared Striking Teachers to Spoiled Teens

Governor Mary Fallin also said she thought antifa was partly to blame for the protests at the state Capitol.
Harry Cheadle
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Most Millennials Have $0 for Retirement and We're All Fucked

A shocking new report calls this "deeply troubling." No kidding.
Allie Conti

I Used a 'Human Uber' Surrogate to Do My Job for Me

And it was terrible.
Brian McManus
Trump's First Year

Neil Gorsuch Will Make the Supreme Court More Anti-Union for Decades

Thanks to Trump, organized labor has one more enemy on the Supreme Court.
Livia Gershon

Every American Should Be Working the Same Short Hours as Trump

Trump works from 11 AM-6 PM every day, and your boss should let you do the same.
Eve Peyser

Robots Are Coming for Your Job Sooner Than You Think

Will you be prepared?
Caroline Thompson

The Next Hot Millennial Trend: Never-Ending Labor in Dystopian Warehouses

The death of retail, workers' rights, and pension plans have sent migrant seniors into the arms of Amazon. What does this mean for a generation saddled with debt?
Allie Conti