Law and Justice party


Mass protests have erupted in Poland

Thousands of protesters took to the streets as Poland's nationalist government tightens its grip on the courts.


Poland’s nationalist government is cracking down on protesters — unless they’re far-right

“Peaceful protest is a right, but in Poland it is under serious threat,” said Gauri van Gulik, Amnesty International’s Europe director.


The far-right is pushing Poland’s democracy into chaos

The Law and Justice Party introduced legislation that would mandate all Supreme Court judges to retire and ultimately give the party the power to handpick new judges.


WATCH: 'Rise of the Right,' Our Film About Poland's Violent Independence Day March

We went to Warsaw to see how Poland's new right-wing government affected the traditionally hostile nationalist march.


Poland's Right-Wing Government Scares Europe by Going After the Media

The European Union is protesting a move by Poland's new government to muzzle the media, and possibly go in the authoritarian direction Hungary's already taken.