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'Governance in the Real World Is So Fucked:' Lawrence Lessig Is Working on an MMO

‘Seed’ will allow players to build a society together, from the ground up.
Jordan Pearson

Kim Dotcom's Defense Lost Its Star Witness

Megaupload's lawyers hoped Lawrence Lessig would testify at an extradition hearing, but he's on the campaign trail.
Greg Sandoval

Why Is Lawrence Lessig Missing From Tonight’s CNN Debate?

The iconoclastic law professor believes Democratic honchos are trying to silence him.
Sam Gustin
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Lawrence Lessig Wants to Run for President, Save America, and Then Resign

"My ideal is to be president for a day."
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

The Elizabeth Warren Presidential Campaign Is Still Candidate-Free

Campaign finance reform crusaders are trying to convince the progressive heartthrob to join the 2016 race, but even without her involvement there's still a lot of energy on the left.
Nathan Schneider

The New Hampshire Voters Marching in the Freezing Cold to Get Money Out of Politics

Big Money was the real winner in this month's midterm elections. But a group of New Hampshire voters want you to know it doesn't have to be this way.
Livia Gershon

Jim Rubens and the Republican Crusade for Campaign Finance Reform

New Hampshire's dark horse Republican Senate candidate is turning right-wing populism into a crusade for campaign finance reform.
Grace Wyler

Five Candidates the Internet's Favorite Super PAC Should Spend Its Money On

Lawrence Lessig's Mayday PAC managed to raise $12 million to take back democracy from the super wealthy. That was the easy part.
Sam Gustin

How Aaron Swartz Helped Inspire the Super PAC to End All Super PACs

Lawrence Lessig and his allies are racing to raise $5 million by July 4 in an effort for campaign finance reform.
Sam Gustin

A Harvard Professor Is Crowdfunding a Super PAC to Save Democracy from Money

Larry Lessig is trying to raise $12 million in order to win some elections and prove that radical campaign finance reform is possible and necessary.
Matt Taylor
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In the Net Censorship Copyfight, Lessig Strikes At The Root

For creative professionals who depend on the internet to make their living, the internet blacklist bills being forced through Congress right now are bad news. If passed, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and its Senate doppelganger the PROTECT-IP Act will...
Janus Kopfstein