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Behind the Scenes of 'MAD' Magazine

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' VICE's art editor Nick Gazin gets a tour of the 62-year-old publication and meets the brains behind the operation.
VICE Staff
the vice guide to comics

A Completely Objective List of the Ten Best Comic Books of All Time

In the first episode of 'The VICE Guide to Comics,' our art editor and resident comic book expert Nick Gazin shares his list of the best comic books out there, to get you beginners started.
Nick Gazin

Legendary Fantasy Art Hits the Auction Block

Epic LOTR, Conan the Barbarian, and Flash Gordon sketches appear in Frank Frazetta's first solo auction, which comes five years after his passing.
Andrew Nunes

This Is What Your Childhood Cereal Obsession Looks Like as Horror Movie Art

The artwork for Joe Simko’s Cereal Killers trading card series features horror movie-inspired cereals including “Tales from the Crisp” and ““Fiber the 13th.”
David Whelan

Remembering the Wizardry of Terry Pratchett

The beloved author, who died yesterday, will be remembered for his insane work ethic and being one of the nicest men to ever put a pen to paper.
Gavin Haynes

The Old-Fashioned, Fart-Filled Comedy of the Razzies

I went to the Razzies to get away from the tired schtick of the Oscars, but found instead an even more tired schtick.
Justin Caffier

Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-in #95

Greetings, losers. My name is Nick Gazin, and I am VICE's comics expert. In this column I write about comics, zines, art books, fan culture, and events related to those things. Mostly I just review comics though.
Nick Gazin

Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-in #75

Did you know that not only have many comic book characters encouraged people to vote, but more than a handful have run for office themselves? Instead of reviews this column is just images of comic characters who tried to become the Commander in Chief.
Nick Gazin