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FBI: explosion at Texas FedEx could be linked to Austin, Weinstein Co. bankruptcy axes NDAs, ISIS seizes Damascus​ neighborhood, and more.


Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinians as Government Mulls Response to Violence

Israeli military commanders and the Netanyahu government have sparred over the right strategy to end two months of stabbings, shootings, and car-based attacks.


Palestinian Killed After Alleged Stabbing Attempt in West Bank As Kerry Holds Talks in Amman

At least 52 Palestinians have been shot dead by Israelis at the scene of attacks or during protests in the West Bank and Gaza since Oct. 1, while nine Israelis have been stabbed or shot dead by Palestinians.


UN Leader Making Snap Visit to Israel as Violence Spirals

In the latest violence, a Palestinian stabbed and wounded an Israeli officer in the occupied West Bank, and an Israeli man died after being run over by a truck.


Islamic State Unleashes Propaganda Blitz Calling for Attacks Against Jews

The videos emphasize the religious significance of al-Aqsa — the embattled Jerusalem Holy Site that's sacred to both Muslims and Jews — and praise past Palestinians who have taken up arms to defend Muslim claims to the holy site.


Four Israeli Cities Ban Arab Workers From Schools in Security Move Decried as Racist

Tel Aviv and three other cities have banned Arab laborers from their schools, one of several security measures enacted after a surge of Palestinian street attacks.


Israel Accuses US of Being 'Foolish' and 'Misreading' Palestinian Conflict

Israel has also made the decision to publish hospital images it claims refute Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's allegation a teen suspect had been "executed."


Israeli Soldiers Mobilize in West Bank After Two Settlers Are Shot

The violence comes just days after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hinted he would end security cooperation with Israelis in the West Bank at a high-profile speech at the UN.


Why Watermelons Are a Symbol of Political Protest for Palestinians

In many ways, the red, black, green, and white of fruit and rind—colors that match those of the Palestinian flag and the flag of the Arab Revolt—tell the story of the plight and pride of the Palestinian people throughout generations.