The Fate of Tonga’s Criminal Returnees

We talked to criminal deportees who have little support to prevent them from reverting to a life of crime.
James Borrowdale
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This Woman Spent Months in Jail Because Cops Thought Her Old Cotton Candy Was Meth

Just to be clear: Not meth. Cotton candy.
River Donaghey

Why Some Meth and DMT Users Are Using Vapes

There’s little research on the safety of vaping drugs beyond nicotine and cannabis, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying.
Richard Greenhill
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Some Drug Smugglers Hid 500 Pounds of Meth Inside Disney Figurines

The DEA made the alarming discovery after cracking open hundreds of wax figures of Pluto, Donald Duck, and Winnie the Pooh.
Adam Forrest
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Feds want to split up detained migrant families, more than 120 countries condemn US in UN vote​, government shutdown averted with funding bill, and more.
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Dealers Describe the Worst Chemicals They Use to Cut Drugs

Remember that time the drugs didn't work? Here's why.
Mahmood Fazal

The Compassion I Feel for My Drugged-Out Gay Bar Patrons

I've seen drugs ruin lives working the door of an LA gay bar. But as a former addict, I know that sobriety only comes from within—and that we can't judge others, no matter what.
Jeff Leavell
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DEA Nabs $1 Million-Worth of Meth Disguised as Dick Candles

There were also some religious-themed crank candles in the batch, too.
River Donaghey
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Oregon to Make Heroin and Coke Possession a Misdemeanor

If Governor Kate Brown signs the approved bill into law, it would give first-time offenders with small amounts of drugs less jail time and lower fines.
Allie Conti
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We Need to Talk About the Queer Community's Meth and GHB Epidemic

Our nonchalant attitude towards this problem is just as detrimental as the drugs themselves.
Anthony "aCe" Pabey
Can't Handle the Truth

Meth Didn't Make a Guy Horny for a Crocodile, and Other Fake News

This week's stupidity was extra stupid.
Mike Pearl
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Texas Drug Bust Uncovers 600-Pound Load of Meth Lollipops

Authorities believe the addictive drug—disguised as candy butterflies, flowers, and Star Wars characters—might have been targeted toward children.
Drew Schwartz