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The 20 Classic Cocktail Recipes You Need To Be Your Own Bartender

Drinking at home doesn't just have to mean cracking open a cold one.
Munchies Staff

Drinking My Way Through Sydney's Hardcore Bloody Mary Scene

The garnishes are insane, the booze is strong, and these complex cocktails are way more than just hair of the dog.
Laura Studarus
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Michelada Cupcakes Are the Best Way to Eat Your Booze

Because the only way you can improve upon a michelada is with buttercream.
Teresa Finney

Michelada Cupcakes

Why drink a Michelada when you can eat one?
Teresa Finney

Forget the Michelada, Make These Beer Cocktails Instead

The michelada isn't the only great cocktail made with beer.
Ariette Armella

This Guy Turned a Volkswagen into a Portable Michelada Bar

There is a magical Volkswagen bus going around in the ever-congested streets of LA, roaming through peoples backyards—getting them turnt through its free-flowing, James Beard Award-winning Mexican spicy beer cocktail on tap. We met the brilliant...
Javier Cabral
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You Should Drink a Michelada Right About Now

This michelada combines beer with tomato juice, Worcestershire, soy sauce, and—like almost anything to come out of a Mexican kitchen—chile, lime, and salt.
Munchies Staff

Keep the Party Going with These Bloody Mary Recipes

Why not end your week with a spicy bang and drink some Bloody Mary's to keep the weekend rolling? We've collected some of the best recipes that you need to incorporate into your Saturday morning routine.
Javier Cabral

Oaxacan Micheladas Recipe

This spicy concoction is a Bloody Mary-like Mexican beer cocktail that hits the spot when you’re miserably hungover or just eating a plate of tacos.
Fernando Lopez
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Here's How to Make Everything You Need for the Perfect BBQ

To celebrate the 100th episode of our series How-To, enjoy five of our best recipes for a scorching MUNCHIES-style cookout.
Munchies Staff

How-To: Make a Michelada with Ty Mitchell

Watch Ty Mitchell, a cowboy from Marfa, Texas, make a michelada, a famous Texan drink. Mix a Mexican beer, tomato juice, lime, and spices, and you’ve got yourself a refreshing desert beverage.
Munchies Staff

I Ate and Drank Almost Everything in Sight at Bonnaroo

I spent two days at the festival dodging scantily-dressed teens and gorging myself on all the food I could physically fit in my body. Highlights included ordering not one, but two types of artisanal cream puffs, and watching Lionel Richie drink...
Hilary Pollack