North Koreans Were Treated to a Mining Opera on TV During the Trump-Kim Summit

Complete with jazz hands.
Adam Forrest

Fighting to Protect Oak Flat

We talk to the former mayor of Superior, the town neighboring the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona, about the unsustainable mining methods proposed by Resolution Copper.
VICE Staff

The Struggling Canadian Coal Town Desperate to Return to Its Roots

On Cape Breton Island, where the last coal mine closed in 2001 after years of industry decline, an underwater mine near the 500-person village of Donkin is set to bring coal back.
Katie Toth

The British Army's Secret Plan to Keep South Africa's Ruling Party in Power

Also revealed: the army's links to a controversial mining company.
Phil Miller
the vice reader

Life Inside an American Mining Boomtown on the Brink of Decline

J. J. Anselmi's new book focuses on the Rock Springs's crushing provincialism, severe drug problem, and plague of suicides.
Nathan C. Martin
Ain't No Grave

A Portrait of Coal Town on the Brink of Death

A failing coal industry has left many residents of West Virginia with few options: move away, die, or try to scrape out a future in an unforgiving economic climate.
Jacob S. Knabb
Ain't No Grave

Inside the Fight Against Pollution and Big Business in Appalachia

Every summer, environmentalists gather in the woods to strategize, train, and coordinate the fight against the excesses of the coal industry.
Jacob S. Knabb
The We Missed You Issue

Inside South Africa's Abandoned Mining Town

A diamond ghost town faces an uncertain future in the South African desert.
Kimon de Greef; Photos by Kent Andreasen

There Is a New Climate Change Disaster Looming in Northern Canada

The thawing of the permafrost in Northern Canada could be the "carbon bomb" that does us in.
James Wilt

Photos of the Indian Mining Town That's Been on Fire for 100 Years

Mining in the town of Jharia has caused widespread pollution and illness, as well as a number of injuries and deaths from workers and locals falling into open pits of fiery coal.
Tom Usher, Photos: Seb Heseltine

What We Learned About Australia in 2015

Mostly Australia lived up to its global reputation as the world's largest trailer park.
Royce Kurmelovs
Death of the Great Barrier Reef

The Australian Government Just Approved Dredging the Reef, Again

Despite new resolutions to curb climate change and save the reef, Australia has re-approved dredging of the coal port at Abbot Point.
Julian Morgans