How White Women Are Responsible for the Confederate Monuments We Have Today

Because their interests were seen as apolitical, white women in the South were able to advance an insidious, racist agenda long after the Civil War had ended.


Penn State Joins Handful of Colleges Rejecting White Nationalist Events

Your daily guide to what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.


Lone man in tie-dye defends Charlottesville Confederate monuments

Lone man in tie-dye defends Charlottesville Confederate monuments


Statue of pro-slavery Supreme Court chief justice removed in Maryland

A statue of pro-slavery Supreme Court chief justice was removed in Maryland overnight


Mount Rushmore's Extremely Racist History

Following the growing movement to take down Confederate statues in the US, right-wing media have rhetorically asked if Mount Rushmore is next. But given that its history is deeply entwined with white supremacy, is that such an absurd question?


Let's Get Rid of Mount Rushmore

Donald Trump says removing confederate statues is a slippery slope that could get out of control. Maybe he's right—would that be such a bad thing?


Trump's Lawyer Forwarded Insane Email Saying Robert E. Lee 'Saved America'

"You cannot be against General Lee and be for General Washington, there literally is no difference between the two men," the email reads.


The Satanic Temple Built a Black Cube Monument to Honor Veterans

Sculptor Chris Andres and metalworker Adam Volpe talk about building a public monument to veterans.


Protestors Brought Torches to Rally Against the Sale of a Confederate Statue

Alt-right poster boy Richard Spencer was reportedly among the group in Virginia protesting the sale of a Robert E. Lee statue.