Music photography


Women and Non-Binary Music Photographers Step Forward in 'To the Front'

The exhibition brings the work of female-identifying photographers into one place. Now, suddenly, the photographers are as cool as the bands.


Inside The Festival Girl's Journey to Document Modern Day Hippie Chicks

Together with photographer Jay Blakesberg, 'Hippie Chick' celebrates 35 years of women at music festivals.


My Reunion with Christiane F.

Brad Elterman reconnects with the mysterious and reclusive Christiane F. for the first time since 1981.


Photos of Bottoms Hating Their Bodies

Photography Amy Lombard followed the gay punk band bottoms around Brooklyn as they huffed poppers, hung out at a grimy art space, and sang songs about hating their bodies.


Brad Elterman's Photos of Famous Teen Heartthrobs from the 1970s

A lot of hot guys have posed in the LA photographer's living room over the years.


Soko Walks in Joan Jett's Footsteps

In the first installment of his new column, Los Angeles legend Brad Elterman revisits the sites of his 1978 photos of Joan Jett with French singer Soko, who wasn't born until '85.