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dc statehood

Pelosi Is Master-Trolling the GOP With This D.C. Statehood Thing

Visualize two extremely liberal senators joining Mitch McConnell in the upper chamber.
Morgan Baskin
3 days ago
medicare for all

Support for Medicare for All in Congress Just Got Very Real

The House hit a key metric thanks to the endorsement by Rep. Hakeem Jeffries
Morgan Baskin

Democrats Went to Guatemala After Trump's Asylum Deal. They Say it Will Be a Disaster.

Guatemala cannot care for its own people, let alone thousands of others who would be applying for asylum there under Trump's policy.
Matt Laslo

“Formal Impeachment Proceedings” Have Begun. Here’s What That Really Means.

It's the first time Jerry Nadler has said it publicly, and it could change the game
Greg Walters
El Paso

EXCLUSIVE: House Democrats Demand Pelosi Bring Them Back to D.C. to Address White Supremacy

48 members of Congress have signed on to a letter demanding the House of Representatives get back to work in Washington.
Cameron Joseph
Ilhan Omar

They Said “Send Her Back” to Ilhan Omar. So Nancy Pelosi Went With Her.

Omar and Pelosi traveled to Ghana together, using the occasion to make nice — and throw a jab at Trump.
Morgan Baskin

Nancy Pelosi Wants You to Believe She and AOC Never Had Beef

“Does your family always agree on everything?” she asked.
Morgan Baskin

2020 Democrats Are Doubling Down on Impeachment Calls as Mueller Testifies

They agree with the NAACP, which unanimously voted for the House to start impeachment proceedings.
Cameron Joseph
trump tweets

Trump is Tripling Down on His Racist Tweets Against "The Squad." Republicans Are Silent.

"You cannot accept that we don't fear you," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez replied to Trump's racist tirade.
Tim Marcin

It's Open War Between the Progressive "Squad" and Nancy Pelosi Over Immigration

“I’m starting to get confused about who’s setting the agenda and who’s leading the majority in the House,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) told VICE News.
Matt Laslo
Jeffrey Epstein

Democrats Want Trump's Labor Secretary to Resign Over Epstein Scandal

Alex Acosta is under fire for his role in a 2008 plea deal that was kept secret from Epstein's young victims
Morgan Baskin
Border Funding

Nancy Pelosi Just Got Rolled by Mitch McConnell on Immigration: “I Think She Got Sabotaged”

Senate Republicans got pretty much everything they wanted in a $4.5 billion border funding bill.
Matt Laslo