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How a Creepy Red Wine Called The Prisoner Became Napa Valley's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

The 18-year-old cult wine brand's new tasting room has vibrating skeletons, bondage pottery, and some pretty damn good wine, too.
Hilary Pollack

Wine-Infused Coffee Is Here, and It Might Be the Ultimate Hair of the Dog

This “secret art form” took two-and-a-half years to perfect.
Nick Rose

Meet the Falcon-Whisperer of Napa Valley Wine Country

Rebecca Rosen makes a living off protecting vineyards from berry-eating pests with the help of trained birds of prey.
Rachel Signer

The Women Kicked off a Napa Wine Train for 'Offensive Laughter' Settle Lawsuit

They were kicked off a train in the middle of nowhere—10 black women and one white woman, all over the age of 50. Why? For laughing too much.
Alex Swerdloff

The Joys and Disappointments of a Three-Michelin-Starred Christmas Dinner

For 12 days out of the year, The Restaurant at Meadowood celebrates Christmas by bringing a different chef from around the world each day to cook dinner. Sometimes the meals fail, other times the meals swell in your imagination for years
John Birdsall

Napa's Most Famous Winemaker Rides a Helicopter to Work

Heidi Barrett, a winemaker at over half a dozen different wineries in the Napa Valley, is the woman behind some of California's best cult wines.
Willie Orbison
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​Eleven Black Women Were Kicked Off a Train for Laughing Too Loud

"The train is set up to to be with your friends, to drink wine, and to have a good time... Who were we offending?"
Scott Masters Pierce

MUNCHIES Presents: Steven Spurrier

Steven Spurrier, possibly the single most influential living figure in the world of wine takes us on a whirlwind wine tour from his personal cellar to a tasting of Spain’s greatest wine to the Dorset vineyard where he’s making English bubbly that...
Steven Spurrier

Don't Age Your Wine in the Ocean Unless You Like Notes of Crab Water

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau recently issued a warning that ocean-aged wines might very well be illegal. Wait, people are doing that?
Munchies Staff