Narendra Modi

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Modi’s Nationalist Supporters Love His Crackdown on Kashmir: “He’s Like a God to India Today”

Hard-line Indian nationalists are celebrating while Kashmiris see a "dark Hindu fantasy."
Angad Singh
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Pakistan Rage Over India’s ‘Occupation’ of Kashmir Explodes Into the Streets: ‘I Am Ready to Die’

“If there's no solution, we're willing to go to war.”
Hind Hassan
Sean Stephens
Tim Hume

What’s Article 370, and Why Its End Could Mean More Violence in Kashmir

Kashmir has been a source of dispute between India and Pakistan ever since the countries became independent from Britain in 1947.
Tim Hume
trade war

Trump Can't Decide Whether to Start a Trade War With India

Trump seemed ready to declare another trade war on Twitter. Once he got to the G20 summit, it was a different story.
David Gilbert
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Modi Made the Indian Election About National Security. It Paid Off.

After a terrorist attack killed 44 soldiers in Kashmir, Modi seized the opportunity to portray himself as India’s Chowkidar, or “Guardian.”
Juanita Ceballos
Krishna Andavolu
Angad Singh
india elections

Modi's trolls are ready to wreak havoc on India's marathon election

“In terms of potential, the Indian elections are probably the ripest target for disinformation this year.”
David Gilbert

Pakistan's PM says he will release the captured Indian pilot as a “peace gesture”

India had demanded the return of the pilot, who was attacked by a Pakistani mob after being shot down.
Tim Hume
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The world's largest statue is also the world's largest campaign ploy

Narendra Modi built the world’s tallest statue with the world's most naked political ambition.
Angad Singh

India’s new data protection law could create a massive surveillance state

“India's intelligence agencies are already some of the least regulated in the world, a data protection law should not be making government invasions of privacy even easier.”
David Gilbert
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Kashmiri Muslims fear a central government takeover after failed ceasefire

Insurgents in Kashmir have been fighting Indian rule for 30 years. They want independence, or to be part of Pakistan.
Angad Singh
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VICE News Guide to the World — Week of January 29

"Narendra Modi’s “troll army,” Assad’s chemical weapons use, and a controversial Holocaust bill in Poland
Nick Miriello
Greg Walters

Modi might be the only world leader whose Twitter use is more problematic than Trump’s

“It’s being used to create a divide in the social fabric of this country, and that’s extremely dangerous.”
Tim Hume