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Facebook Is Reviewing Its Policy on White Nationalism

Thanks, in part, to Motherboard's reporting.
VICE Staff
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One of Israel's Top Soccer Teams Wants to Rename Itself After Trump

Beitar Jerusalem's fans are notorious for their "extreme" right-wing nationalism and anti-Arab chants.
Adam Forrest
Surprise Visits

Far-Right Nationalists Stormed the VICE Romania Office

Our colleagues at VICE Romania had a visit from a couple of guys who were angry with us about... quoting them verbatim?
VICE Staff
Steve Bannon

Bannon Is a Shitty Barbarian

Steve Bannon has made lots of headlines since leaving the White House, most recently for allegedly trying to infiltrate Facebook in 2016. But is he all hype?
Eve Peyser

International Activists Are Making Pride Safer in Hostile Countries

Both on the ground and in diplomatic back rooms, activists from LGBTQ-tolerant countries like Sweden are spreading the love to places like Ukraine.
Matt Baume
Tonic Talks

We Talked to the Guy Who's Mastered the Art of Talking Race with Racists

W. Kamau Bell advises on how to not punch a white nationalist.
Rajul Punjabi

New Numbers Suggest Trump Really Might Be Driving Away Tourism

Travel spending is in decline. Are Trump's "America First" policies to blame?
Mike Pearl

How British People Talk About Patriotism

The new Englishness is a celebration of everything it hates, defined by all the wrong it sees.
Angus Harrison

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama warns against "crude" nationalism across the world, an advisor claims the Trump team is considering a Muslim registry, "post-truth" is chosen as word of the year by Oxford, and more.
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The KKK's Newspaper Wants Trump to Be President

In the latest edition of the 'Crusader,' the national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan penned a letter of support for the Republican nominee, praising his brand of nationalism.
Lauren Messman

The Crazy, Failed Idea of Creating a Jewish State in Russia

Birobidzhan was a small region near the Chinese border in Russian that was established as the world's first autonomous Jewish region in the early 1930s. It didn't last long. Author Masha Gessen discusses the strange history of the would-be territory.
Peter Moskowitz
The Borders Issue

Why American Right-Wingers Are Going to War in Ukraine

What the Islamic State is for disenchanted young Westerners of an Islamist bent, Right Sector has become for young Europeans and American right-wingers with an antique passion for nationalism—any nationalism except for Russia's, that is.
Alexander Clapp