NBA draft


The Hawks are Using The Process to Build the Next Warriors

Passing up a chance to select Luka Doncic with the third pick may come back to bite them, but Atlanta's team-building philosophy has that organization on the right track.


Trae Young is the NBA's Tomorrow

With no cap on his shooting range, tight handle, and natural vision, figuring out how to slow Young down may be the sport's next great quandary.


The Orlando Magic Will be Humongous Fans of Lottery Reform

A bad team that refuses to outright tank, Orlando would happily accept looming changes to the league's current system.


The Sacramento Kings Are No Longer a Laughingstock

After a decade of incompetence, dysfunction, and general sadness, the Kings had their best draft in years on Thursday night. It's officially an exciting time to be a Sacramento fan.


Reports: Phil Fell Asleep at Prospect Workout, Porzingis Trade in the Works

The New York Knicks NBA Draft day experience is something else.


The VICE Sports Guide to the 2017 NBA Draft

Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, and beyond—everything you need to know about the draft's stars and sleepers.


Dennis Smith Jr. will be the Best Player in the 2017 NBA Draft

The North Carolina State point guard had an up-and-down freshman year, but is athletic and talented enough to separate himself from the other great players in this class


Markelle Fultz Thought he Came up with Trust the Process

The Philadelphia 76ers, who have been trusting the process for a while, are expected to draft him No. 1 overall on Thursday.


NBA Draft Should Kickstart Wild Offseason for Raptors

Toronto has been quiet while the rest of the league is going crazy. But with the draft coming, things are likely to go from 0 to 100 real quick.


The Boston Celtics Should Draft Jonathan Issac With the No. 3 Pick

Even though he isn't viewed as the third best player in this year's draft, Isaac's all-around skills and high upside make him worth the risk.


The NBA Needs Dumb Teams, And The Knicks Are Here To Help

The NBA seems to have figured some important things out about how to build a winning team. With some very important exceptions.


Stu Jackson Thinks Harry Giles Will Be the Best Player from the 2017 Draft

The former NBA executive and current NBA TV analyst talks to VICE Sports about the biggest names and potential sleepers heading into this year's draft.