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Here's what Trump got wrong about stop and frisk

The two candidates sparred over crime and race during the first presidential debate, at Hofstra University
Tess Owen

Muslim Civil Rights Group Files Class Action Lawsuit Challenging Terror Watch List

"Through extra-judicial and secret means," the complaint alleges, "the federal government is ensnaring individuals into an invisible web of consequences that are imposed indefinitely and without recourse."
Tess Owen
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Canada Is Going to Start Handing Over Even More Data About Travelers to the US

It's taken the better part of a decade, but Washington has finally got Ottawa to agree to report whenever Americans enter Canada, and whenever Canadians enter America.
Justin Ling
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Six-Year-Old Canadian Boy Named a ‘High Profile’ Flight Risk

The government has promised to review the case.
Jake Kivanc

This Six-Year-Old Canadian Has Been Flagged a Flight Security Risk Since He Was a Baby

Since going public with his son's story, Adam Ahmed's parents have heard from other parents across Canada who say their children have also been flagged. “All of them are Muslim or have Arabic sounding names,” his mom said.
Rachel Browne

The Most Absurd Part of the No-Fly List Has Been Declared Unconstitutional by a Judge

Those on the list will finally be able to see why the government refuses to let them board planes.
Harry Cheadle
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The FBI Is Allegedly Using No-Fly Lists to Recruit Muslim Snitches

Once you’re on these lists and terrorist databases, it’s a bitch to clear your name.
Danny McDonald

The FBI Is Trying to Recruit Muslims as Snitches by Putting Them on No-Fly Lists

How did an innocent Malaysian architectural scholar remain on a terrorism no-fly list—effectively branding her a terrorist—for years after an FBI paperwork screw-up put her there?
Danny McDonald
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Cameras Weren’t Enough to Stop the Albuquerque Police from Killing a Mentally Ill Homeless Man

James Boyd ended up dead after a confrontation with officers that started because he was camping illegally.
Lucy Steigerwald

The FBI's Watch Lists Are Plagued by Human Error and Data Overload

While a terrorist got away, an innocent woman was on the No Fly List for eight years by mistake.
Joseph Cox
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The DEA Thinks Medical Records Don't Count as "Private"

The Feds say they can peek into any records that are shared with a pharmacist, even without a warrant. This directly contradicts state law in Oregon, so the ACLU and the state are fighting back.
Lucy Steigerwald