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North Korea Advertises Military Hardware on Twitter, YouTube, Defying Sanctions

Glocom is a front company for North Korea to sell sanctions violating military equipment. But, even after some tech companies clamped down, Glocom kept up its presence on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
Joseph Cox
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Crystal Meth Is the Hottest Gift in North Korea This Lunar New Year

Illegal drugs are a popular present when it comes to birthdays, graduations, and holidays in North Korea.
Gavin Butler

No, North Koreans Aren't Fighting Starvation by Eating Their Own Shirts

Yes, a North Korean catalog may feature edible shirts, but there's more to the story here.
Jelisa Castrodale

I Went on a Tinder Date to North Korea

It wasn't the worst Tinder date I've ever been on.
Nyima Pratten
Australia Today

Mysterious Boats Full of Corpses Keep Washing Up in Japan

The "ghost ships" are believed to be coming from North Korea.
Gavin Butler
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Trump Says He and Kim Jong Un 'Fell in Love'

"He wrote me beautiful letters, and they’re great letters."
Drew Schwartz

Feds Charge North Korean For WannaCry, Sony Hack

Park Jin Hyok is allegedly linked to some of the most significant cyber attacks in recent history, working for a front company that funds the North Korean regime, the Department of Justice says.
Joseph Cox
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America Is Not Prepared for Nuclear War, Public Health Experts Warn

A gathering of experts organized by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine said the US isn’t ready for the public health crisis that would follow a nuclear blast.
Matthew Gault
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This Nuke Expert's Terrifying New Novel Is the Warning We Need Right Now

Real life has hewed closely to fictional events in 'The 2020 Commission Report on the North Korean Attacks Against the United States,' taking the book's author, American nuclear policy expert Jeffrey Lewis, by surprise.
David Axe
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Trump Reportedly Sent Kim Jong-Un a 'Rocket Man' CD and We're All Doomed

For the sake of the world, let's hope he has a sense of humor.
River Donaghey

How One Woman Rebuilt Her Life After Escaping North Korea

Very few people escape North Korea once—let alone twice. But Jiyhun Park, a survivor of sex trafficking and forced labor camps, is determined to shed light on the regime's human rights abuses.
Sirin Kale

Trump's Meeting with Kim Jong-un Spawned Some Ridiculous Memes

Whether or not any diplomatic progress was made, at least we'll always have the memes.
Beckett Mufson