Oil Spill

Oil Spill

Indonesia Calls State of Emergency After Giant Oil Spill Catches Fire

An underground pipeline was identified on Wednesday as the source of the spill.
Ankita Rao
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We may never know how much oil spilled into the East China Sea

An Iranian oil tanker sunk into the South China Sea and caused an oil spill nearly the size of Paris.
Alex Lubben
Iranian Tanker

A massive oil tanker could explode after a collision along China’s coast

An Iranian tanker is still burning off China, creating fear that it will sink and cause a huge oil spill.
Kathleen Caulderwood

Why a massive oil spill couldn't stop the Keystone XL pipeline

Despite their costly environmental impacts, oil spills like the recent one in South Dakota weren’t a factor in the decision to approve the Keystone XL.
Sarah Sax

Keystone Pipeline oil spill could be worse than we thought

An oil spill in South Dakota that leaked thousands of gallons of highly polluting oil could damage the environment more than the company has let on.
Sarah Sax
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Magnetic Nanoparticles Will Help Clean Oil Spills

In the future, this could also be used to remove lead from drinking water.
Lisa Cumming
Exxon Against Science

Let’s Remember Exxon’s Extremely Fucked Up Response to Its Catastrophic Oil Spill

After the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Exxon launched a ruthless crusade to intimidate and discredit government scientists.
Sarah Emerson
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Mutated Fish Still Haunt Louisiana’s Fishermen After the BP Oil Spill

The devastating spill completely revolutionized oil spill research.
Rosemary Westwood
Standing Rock

Why the fight for Standing Rock isn't over

After months of protests, activists near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation are celebrating a victory: The federal government said it won’t allow the Dakota Access Pipeline to cross under the disputed portion of the Missouri River.
Emma Fidel
Kathleen Caulderwood

A Diesel Spill Is Putting the World's Largest Temperate Rainforest at Risk

A report from Bella Bella B.C., where the crash of the Nathan E. Stewart has contaminated the Heiltsuk First Nation’s waters and land.
Kyle Artelle

The VICE Morning Bulletin

North Carolina declares a state of emergency after the second night of protests, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan pledge to cure all diseases by 2100, the cast of 'The West Wing' will campaign for Clinton in Ohio, and more.
VICE Staff

Olympic Athletes Are About to Sail Through a Toxic Bay of Shit

A new documentary, “Toxic Guanabara,” unravels Brazil’s complicated relationship with its most iconic bay.
Sarah Emerson