The Medics Who Get High on Their Own Supply

With stressful jobs and easy access to pharmaceutical grade opiates, it's no wonder some doctors get hooked on the drugs they use on their patients.
Max Daly
High Wire

America's Rich and Powerful Have Permission Slips to Get High

From politicians to business executives, America's drug policy is set up to give recreational access to (white) people with status and money—and screw everyone else.
Maia Szalavitz

The US Opioid Crisis Started in India

How India's historical role in the global opiate trade contributed to a crisis in the United States.
Benjamin Siegel

The Secret Lives of Functioning Heroin Users

"I use on a lunchtime at work, only a couple of lines or so, which I smoke in the handicap bathroom."
David Hillier

What It’s Like Saving Lives on the Front Lines of Canada’s Opioid Crisis

"Within the last 12-month period, we're looking at over 1,000 overdoses requiring the use of naloxone," says one of the operators of North America's first supervised injection site.
Sarah Berman

Photos of the Synthetic Drug Epidemic That's Ravaged Gaza

For years now, Gaza has been rocked by the proliferation of a synthetic opiate called Tramadol. We sent a photographer to document sales, police confiscations, and the human suffering that pushes people into opiate use.
Antonio Faccilongo

What Hollywood Often Ignores in Films About Drugs

And how one new film is trying to change that.
Allison Tierney
Relapse: Facing Canada's Opioid Crisis

Everything You Should Know About Carfentanil, the Drug Even Deadlier Than Fentanyl

It's allegedly been used as a chemical weapon and is an elephant tranquilizer—now, it's being spiked into heroin.
Allison Tierney
Relapse: Facing Canada's Opioid Crisis

Canadian Music Festivals Still Can’t Test Pills for Fentanyl

In BC, where overdose deaths are up 74 percent, several festivals offer free drug testing – but fentanyl testing equipment's not ready yet.
Sarah Berman

I'm a Doctor Who Thinks America Should Let People Inject Heroin Safely

I know there's a lot more we could be doing for heroin users who haven't quit yet.
Aaron D. Fox
Relapse: Facing Canada's Opioid Crisis

How I Got My Life Back After Being Addicted to Fentanyl

One of the characters in VICE's new documentary 'DOPESICK' talks about the realities of getting sober and how losing a friend to the drug inspired her to try and get help for others.
A'lisa Ramsey as Told to Allison Tierney

Why Are Dealers Cutting Fentanyl into Recreational Drugs?

Everything from cocaine to heroin is being cut with the opioid.
Manisha Krishnan