Ottessa Moshfegh

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    • 6.5.15

      A Short Story About Costumes, Sex, and Lying to Businessmen

      'The Surrogate,' by Ottessa Moshfegh

    • 5.1.15

      Three Short, Savage Books You Have to Read

      'McGlue,' 'The Dig,' and 'Love Hotel' are three feverish novels where the only things that seem for certain are fear and death.

    • 7.3.13


      We sat in the recliners. I ate the cheesecake and my uncle ate the carrot cake. We watched the end of a movie called While You Were Sleeping. Then my uncle emptied his colostomy bag, while I sent that cheesecake down the toilet. I drank some...

    • 6.18.13

      Recipe Corner

      Here are some suggested dishes to accompany the stories in the 2013 Fiction Issue, directly from a few of the authors who wrote them.

    • 12.1.07


      This is a story that started off as a confessional letter. I lived in China during my early 20s and until now haven't wanted to write anything about it. "Medicine" appears here as an excerpt from a novel-in-progress about those years.

    • 8.2.07

      It Happened

      We moved into a house a few blocks from the Marcy projects at the end of last summer. In time, it became obvious the place next door was a drug den.