Garage Magazine

Carey Young Fights the Law and Wins in Her Imposing New Video

In a new exhibition at New York's Paula Cooper Gallery, artist Carey Young journeys into the forbidding physical and psychological architecture of a patriarchal legal system.
Jeffrey Kastner
Black Women's Defense League

This Group of Black Women Is Taking Up Arms to Fight Racism and Misogyny

What radical black womanist politics organized around self-defense actually looks like, and why it matters.
Wilbert L. Cooper

The Feminist Porn Website Helping Sexual Assault Survivors Reclaim Their Bodies

How do you get your sex life back when sex has been used as a weapon against you?
Amelia Abraham

Herstory Is Instagram’s Finest Lesbian Account

'I became obsessed with reading, watching, and looking for lesbian images.'
Amelia Abraham

Meet the Feminist Fighting India's Entrenched Misogyny

Veteran feminist activist Vidya Bal is fighting to make India safe for its women, who face everything from violence in the street to discrimination from religious institutions.
Adwait A. Patil

Three Years After India’s Horrific Bus Gang Rape, Politicians Are Still Saying Terrible Things About Women

While there has been some progress on India's rape culture, it's hard to see in the rhetoric of many male (and some female) politicians.
Aakanksha Tangri

An Interview with Nawal el Saadawi, Egypt's Most Fiery Feminist

Saadawi is the author of 56 books and has been imprisoned for her writing, which condemns how women have and continue to be treated in the Middle East. We talked religion, capitalism, and the state of Egyptian politics.
Amelia Abraham
Ink Spots

​'Ladybeard' Is the Feminist Magazine Talking About Real Sex

This is what glossies will look like once patriarchy is a thing of the past.
Joe Goodman
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Alberta Judge Apologizes for ‘Keep Your Legs Closed’ Comment at Sex Assault Trial

One law professor said she had never seen such bad conduct by a judge.
Tannara Yelland

Why Women Need Self-Defense Classes of Their Own

After a scary incident of street harassment I wanted to learn how to defend myself, but I kept running into sexism.
Meg Mankins
Why the Fuck Is No One Talking About...

Peaches Wants to Know Why the Fuck Canadian PM Stephen Harper Isn't Talking Seriously About Refugees

"Fuck nationality. It has nothing to do with protection of your own country," the singer told Daily VICE.
Manisha Krishnan

How Witchcraft Is Empowering Queer and Trans Young People

"There is no one way to be a witch," says Mey Rude, who left the Catholic church after coming out as trans. "It's a really freeing identity."
Moira Donovan