Peyton Manning


Six Picks None The Richer: Ryan Fitzpatrick's Sunday in GIFs

Six interceptions in one game is a lot of interceptions. Like, a lot a lot.


Trevor Siemian Showed Promise, but It's Still All About the Denver Defense

The Broncos formula is still the same, with a less experienced, but more athletic quarterback.


Peyton's Old Practice Squad Wideout "Sunshine" Snags Clean One-Handed Catch at Broncos Camp

Sunshine's ain't the greatest catch we've ever seen. But there's certainly something to it.


NFL Determines Peyton Manning Did Not Use HGH or Any Other PEDs

The NFL "found no credible evidence" of Manning using HGH or any other PEDs.


Peyton Manning Addresses UT Allegations During Retirement Press Conference

Peyton Manning was not to happy to discuss the UT allegations at his retirement ceremony.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Clinton and Sanders call for the governor of Michigan to resign over Flint's water crisis, a gunman shot himself dead after a shooting spree in Australia, Kesha receives a human rights award, and more.


Peyton Manning Set to Announce Retirement Monday

He's not going out without a fair bit of controversy.


Why Should We Believe Greg Johnson, Peyton Manning's Long-Lost Star Witness?

In a report published yesterday on MMQB, the frankly bizarre emergence of a new witness after 20 years of silence is quickly abandoned in favor of talking about Manning's accuser, Jamie Naughright.


Peyton Manning Cited In "Hostile Sexual Environment" Title IX Lawsuit

In the wake of documents resurfacing from 2003.


My Time in the Oligarch Zone at Super Bowl 50

What do you get when you buy a $15,000 to Super Bowl 50? Lobster, the opportunity to be an arbitrage victim, moderate buyer's remorse, and a long walk home.


Dumb Football with Mike Tunison: Super Bowl 50

After all that build-up, Super Bowl 50 delivered a game that felt a lot like the season that preceded it—a little bit off, and somehow caught in between.


The Keys to Denver's Unsexy Super Bowl Title

There is no exciting way to explain why Denver won Super Bowl 50, and it certainly wasn't because of Peyton Manning.