4 days ago

The Man Who Led Duterte’s Brutal War on Drugs Quit Amid Claims He Took a Bribe From a Drug Trafficker

The former chief of the National Police was accused of taking a cut of a bribe from a drug trafficker that his officers allowed to escape.


Watch Genius Pigs Use Tools in a Scientific First

We already knew pigs are pretty smart, and now scientists have observed our porcine friends using tools for the first time.


Duterte Promises Cash Prize for Capturing Felons. But He's Also Fine if You Kill Them.

“The one million prize is available to those who can capture them dead or alive. But maybe dead would be a better option. I will pay you smiling."


How 8chan Was Born — and Became the Worst Place on the Internet

“Real life stopped mattering to me,” says founder Fredrick Brennan.


Enforcer of Philippines War on Drugs Defends Killing a Toddler: "Shit Happens"

Myka Ulpina was shot dead in a province near Manila last week, during a police sting operation in which her father was also killed.


A Bizarre New Species of Mollusk Eats Rocks, Poops Sand, and Shapes Rivers

Lithoredo abatanica, a very weird shipworm found in a river in the Philippines, represents both a new species and genus.


Canada Is Finally Joining the War on Single-Use Plastic

Only 9 percent of the country's plastics get recycled.


What you need to know about the Philippine Midterm Elections

This election is widely seen as a referendum on Duterte's presidency.


We Admire This Girl's Next-Level Commitment to Bubble Tea

Commit to something for once in your life—even if it's dressing up as a giant cup of boba.


Duterte just threatened to go on a "suicide mission" against China

The Philippine president is confronting China over its presence in the South China Sea


Spam Is 'Trendy' Now Thanks to Decades of American Imperialism

Ironically, Americans introduced Spam to countries abroad, only to then cast it off and eventually rediscover it.