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Hong Kong's Massive General Strike Protest Has Paralyzed the City

Police responded to protesters with tear gas, and once again, an armed mob beat demonstrators with wooden batons.
Tim Hume

The Worst Hack in Science Fiction Has Allegedly Already Happened in Real Life

Chinese hackers planted a malicious chip into computer equipment used by a slew of US companies, including Apple and Amazon, according to a report from Bloomberg Businessweek.
Jason Koebler
Joseph Cox
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China’s Military Is Taking a Powerful Turn

The People's Republic is downsizing the world's largest troop force, while scaling up its ambitions in sea, space, and internet warfare.
David Axe
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A Senior Chinese Military Officer Has Been Fired Over a Binge Drinking Death

The military has been shaken by a series of scandals since President Xi Jinping took power three years ago, vowing to stamp out bad behavior and deeply-embedded corruption.
Reuters News Agency
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China Is Staking Stronger Claims in the South China Sea on Eve of Kerry's Beijing Visit

China is creating larger islands in the South China Sea so as to control more of those waters; the US and neighboring countries object.
Scott Mitchell

The FBI Wants to Try North Korean Sony Hackers in US Courts

The agency wants to indict the Sony hackers like it does other state-sanctioned cyber criminals.
Jordan Pearson
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China Has Built a New Base on Top of a Coral Reef

Beijing's ability to enforce its territorial claims over the South China Sea may have just received a boost, with the incredible transformation of a reef into an island military facility.
Scott Mitchell