Police surveillance


Vintage Photos by the NYPD's "Red Squad" Capture a City in Turmoil

A new exhibition traces the social and political upheaval of New York City in the 1960s and '70s through surveillance photos taken by a special police division.


At Least Nine Ontario Police Agencies Helped Deploy Secret Surveillance Gear

A freedom of information request reveals new details on a secretive program to roll out surveillance equipment across Ontario.


All the Ways UK Residents Will Be Watched in 2017

Spies, police, and companies will all have new powers to snoop on the populace—so how bad could it get in the year ahead?


This Website Turns Live Police and Emergency Responder Radio into Timely Ambient Music

We talked to the creator of You Are Listening To Los Angeles about the impetus and politics behind his open-source project.


How Cops Use Civil Forfeiture to Keep The Public In The Dark About Surveillance

Buying equipment with the funds is “essentially double-bookkeeping,” critics say.


The Statute of Limitations on Some of the Sexual Assault Allegations Against Julian Assange Have Expired

The WikiLeaks founder remains holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.


Hacking Team Had Ties to Local Police Departments Across the US

Cops from Miami to Duluth on Italian firm’s distribution lists, hacked emails show.


Canada Just Bought Some Body Cams for Its Federal Police Force

The RCMP is apparently following international policing trends and launching a pilot project that will have some officers recording their every interaction.


Contra a Copa: The Other Side of Brazil's World Cup (Part 3)

We visited a pacified favela in Brazil ahead of the World Cup.