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This Democrat Went to a MAGA Rally to Try to Understand Trump Supporters

"Maybe I'll learn something new. I don't count on it."
Liz Landers
2 days ago

International Neo-Nazi Extremist Group Claims Prior Knowledge of Vegas Bomb Plot

Feuerkrieg Division claims it offered help to the Las Vegas neo-Nazi who stockpiled bomb making materials to attack the LGBTQ and Jewish community.
Ben Makuch
Mack Lamoureux
3 days ago
State of Surveillance

The NSA Uses Slack. Why?

The United States' top digital surveillance agency is using an off-the-shelf version of Slack. For what? They should tell us!
Derek Mead
4 days ago

Democrats Went to Guatemala After Trump's Asylum Deal. They Say it Will Be a Disaster.

Guatemala cannot care for its own people, let alone thousands of others who would be applying for asylum there under Trump's policy.
Matt Laslo
5 days ago
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This 26-Year-Old Running For Congress Wants to be the AOC of Texas

She's running against one of the most conservative Democrats in Congress, Rep. Henry Cuellar.
Tracy Jarrett
Alicia Menendez
5 days ago

Tom Steyer’s Facebook Money Bomb Worked — the Billionaire Is About to Qualify for the Democratic Debates

Steyer has dropped nearly $2.9 million on Facebook ads alone in the last month, according to Facebook’s ad archive.
Cameron Joseph
David Uberti

Even with Trump in Office, the Climate Denial Movement Is Quietly Falling Apart

Behind the scenes, climate deniers are losing funding and succumbing to infighting.
Geoff Dembicki

Exclusive: Emails Show This Anti-Tobacco Crusader’s Close Relationship with JUUL

Tom Miller is Iowa's attorney general. He's also an adviser to JUUL, even as the company faces controversy and lawsuits.
Allie Conti
Games Features

Grandson Makes WWII Game Based on 92-Year-Old Grandmother's Tragic Memories

'Brukel' takes inspiration from games like 'Gone Home' to capture what it was like to grow up on the frontlines of war.
Patrick Klepek
Mass Shootings

The Dumpster Fire at the NRA Could Be Gun Control Advocates' Big Chance

A summer of scandal and fundraising woes have weakened the National Rifle Association. But don't count them out.
Matt Laslo

Blame Mitch McConnell, Not Trump, for Not Doing Anything About Guns

The longtime Senate Republican leader has obstructed gun control legislation for years.
Harry Cheadle

Exclusive: Trump Says He Doesn't Do Political Strategy. This Memo Shows Otherwise

This document strongly suggests presidential Twitter tantrums against everyone from AOC to the entire city of Baltimore are no accident.
Allen Salkin