Pete Buttigieg Has an Ambitious Plan to Make You Less Lonely

Health insurers sometimes refuse to cover mental health services like therapy. The South Bend mayor wants to change that.
Allie Conti
7 hours ago

Why Is Failed Professional Liar Sean Spicer on 'Dancing with the Stars'?

Re-framing dangerously incompetent political figures as “fun” is careless and deeply troubling.
Cole Kazdin
2 days ago

How Bernie Sanders Won Over Young Native American Voters

Only 13% of Native Americans receive a college degree.
Morgan Baskin
2 days ago

Joe Biden Has a Fortress in the South

The former vice president has a 20-point lead among black voters, and that's huge in Georgia and South Carolina.
Daniel Newhauser
2 days ago

Companies Are Realizing That Being Publicly Conservative Is Really Unpopular

A new poll shows that people like brands more when they embrace progressive causes like LGBTQ rights, and dislike companies that support Republicans.
Harry Cheadle
3 days ago

EXCLUSIVE: Harry Reid: 'Of Course' Medicare for All and Decriminalizing Border Crossings Are Bad Ideas

"There are so many more important things to do," the former Senate majority leader said.
Cameron Joseph
3 days ago

These 2020 Democrats Are Now Basically Running 'Zombie' Campaigns

Who's in — and who doesn't have a prayer.
Cameron Joseph
4 days ago
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This Democrat Went to a MAGA Rally to Try to Understand Trump Supporters

"Maybe I'll learn something new. I don't count on it."
Liz Landers

International Neo-Nazi Extremist Group Claims Prior Knowledge of Vegas Bomb Plot

Feuerkrieg Division claims it offered help to the Las Vegas neo-Nazi who stockpiled bomb making materials to attack the LGBTQ and Jewish community.
Ben Makuch
Mack Lamoureux
State of Surveillance

The NSA Uses Slack. Why?

The United States' top digital surveillance agency is using an off-the-shelf version of Slack. For what? They should tell us!
Derek Mead

Democrats Went to Guatemala After Trump's Asylum Deal. They Say it Will Be a Disaster.

Guatemala cannot care for its own people, let alone thousands of others who would be applying for asylum there under Trump's policy.
Matt Laslo
VICE News Tonight on HBO

This 26-Year-Old Running For Congress Wants to be the AOC of Texas

She's running against one of the most conservative Democrats in Congress, Rep. Henry Cuellar.
Tracy Jarrett
Alicia Menendez