Race in America

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Starbucks' racial bias training went great, according to Starbucks

8,000 Starbucks locations nationwide closed early for racial bias training on Tuesday, but will it actually make a difference?
Dexter Thomas
the vice reader

The Joys and Dangers of Walking While Black

We spoke to Garnette Cadogan, whose brilliant essay in 'The Fire This Time' shows how walking is yet another arena where a black person must tread carefully.
Mensah Demary

Confronting Racism and White Nostalgia on Cliven Bundy's Ranch

The Nevada rancher wants to break all the rules in a game that's been fixed for him.
Wilbert L. Cooper

Yup, America Still Has a Ton of Racist Monuments

Despite activists' protests, you can still find symbols of hate and white supremacy in New Orleans, Texas, Memphis, and pretty much all over the country.
Peter Moskowitz

Portland's Sons of Confederate Veterans Are Fighting for the Soul of the Confederacy in the Pacific Northwest

We talked with members about their thoughts on the legacy of the Confederate flag, the Civil War, and the Charleston shootings.
Kevin Knodell and James Rippingale

Gun Control Will Not Save America from Racism

Before politicians call for new gun laws in the wake of the Charleston shooting, they might consider how those laws have disproportionately affected black Americans.
Jonathan Blanks

The Ku Klux Klan Is Boosting Its Numbers by Recruiting Veterans

"People have called us the Taliban. In some ways we can relate."
VICE Staff

Criminal Justice Reformer Vanita Gupta Just Got Way More Powerful

At a time when voting rights are threatened, schools are segregated, and police seem to be doing whatever they feel like to people of color, the appointment of a star reformer to head up the Justice Department's civil rights division offers some hope.
Matt Taylor