Criminal Justice

PHOTOS: Life on the streets of San Francisco through the lens of ex-inmates

Although free, these two men are still fighting to break free of the system.
Keegan Hamilton

Revolving Doors: An Ex-Con's Journey Back to Prison

Filmmaker James Burns spent two years following Jason Bobbitt, a father of five who, despite attempts to retain meaningful employment, fails and returns to prison.
VICE Staff
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'Vice' on HBO Tackles Criminal Justice Reform and Youth Incarceration

Here's how you can help at risk youth from becoming an incarceration statistic.
Impact Staff
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Ex-Juvenile Detainees Get Job Training and a Second Chance at This Dallas Restaurant

Dropping recidivism rates, one new job at a time.
Eric Kingrea
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A Safe Housing Space for Formerly Incarcerated Women Faces Opposition from Lawmakers and Neighbors

Topeka Sam's Hope House is an invaluable resource for lowering incarceration rates but needs help to keep the doors open in the face of hostility.
Emily Weitz
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America's Broken Cash Bail System is Criminal Justice Gone Terribly Wrong

Across the country, legislators acknowledge that the bail bonds unfairly targets poor people and people of color. Now some states are taking steps to change.
Kimberly Lawson
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My First Job Out of Prison Was Back in Prison

"It felt like all eyes were on me."
David Van Horn, as told to Maurice Chammah
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Bail Algorithms Are As Accurate As Random People Doing an Online Survey

Algorithms like COMPAS that predict recidivism have flooded the criminal justice system—but do they work?
Jordan Pearson

Tea Entrepreneurs Challenge Their Community to See People First, Ex-Offenders Second

Sustainability is about more than what’s being harvested, how and where. It’s about the people who are doing the harvesting, and the impact business has on them.
Emily Weitz
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These Startups Think Jobs Not Sentences Help Keep Ex-Offenders Out of Jail

Some young Londoners are on a mission to help reduce reoffending rates by employing inmates on release.
Alice Rowsome
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How These Pro Bono Lawyers Are Fighting Louisiana's Broken Court System

The Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana's mission is to stop recidivism by working for ex-offenders in legal trouble.
Madeline Moitozo

This New Jobs Platform Matches Ex-Offenders With Employers

Anywhere between 60 and 75 percent of ex-offenders are still unemployed a year after their release, so this new technology wants to bring those numbers down.
Kimberly Lawson