Record Industry


What Is a Second-Hand Download, Anyway?

It sounds like an oxymoron, but the resale of 'used downloads' is being considered in the EU's copyright reforms.


Wale Will Be Encased in Carbonite: The Imaginary Future of Record Industry Rules, Post-Jay Z

We travelled into the future, not to buy a sports almanac and become billionaires, but to observe the evolution of the RIAA. Here are our findings.


Too Old to Fight It

If you’re a “songwriter” or “producer” and don’t live in LA, chances are you’re also a barista or a waiter or, if you have business sense, a drug dealer. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


Ones and Zeros: China-Approved UK Internet Censorship Plans

h3. One: When country A doesn't like country B, they "show the latter's stealth helicopter": to a country that doesn't like country B either (CNN) h3. Zero: "Blaming Jamaican patois for...


Japanese Musical Sensation AKB48 Trick Hordes Of Fans Into Loving a CGI Popstar: Introducing Aimi Eguchi

"AKB48": is a Japanese pop act that's less of a group and more an army. Created by producer/director "Yasushi Akimoto": (who also happens to be the...


My Dad Signs Bands

Once my Dad came home with a CD and he was like: "Listen to this!" We listened to it and it was really, really good. I wanted to hear it again, have the CD, meet them and see them live.


Electric Independence

Hallelujah. After 11 years of stalking the fringes, one of the country's leading independent labels, DC Recordings, has finally got round to releasing its first compilation.