2 days ago

This Startup Wants the Rights to Your Face in Perpetuity for $127,000

London-based startup Geomiq is commissioning friendly faces for a mystery client's robot.


The Internet Has Spent Three Years Taking Care Of This Guy’s Plants

The subreddit r/takecareofmyplant has 11,300 members, all dedicated to, well, taking care of a plant.


This Programmer Turned the 36-Year-Old Apple IIe into a Robot

Yet again the Apple II community has found something extremely cool to do with the vintage computer.


This Cyborg Suit Reacts to Sexual Arousal with Spinning Nipple Propellers and Whispering Vagina Speakers

Sarah Petkus is rethinking how we use technology to communicate sexuality.


This Robotic Hand Can Shift Gears to Catch a Beer Can and Crush It

By creating a lightweight, 3D-printed “transmission,” engineers were able to build a hand that is strong when it needs to be and fast when it needs to be.


Scientists want to make an army of jumping robot spiders that probably won't take over the world

The scientists trained a spider to jump on command for, you know, research.


The All-Girl Afghan Robotics Team Was Banned from Entering the US. Now It's Inspiring a Revolution

This weekend, the Afghan Dreamers won the Rookie Inspiration Award at the FIRST Robotics World Championship in Detroit.


Watch This Toyota Robot Get Nothing But Net

A robot beat some Tokyo ballers in a shootout last month.


Will Exoskeletons Give Us Superpowers?

All the strength of a body builder, with none of the body oil. We test out the latest bionic enhancements in the first episode of FLUX.


Harvard Made a RoboBee That Can Fly Out of Water

Watch this autonomous flying microbot with bee-like wings.


The ‘Live’ Giant Robot Battle Was Edited and ‘Filmed Over a Number of Days’

"We aimed to create the most entertaining fight possible."


Germany Has Created the World’s First Ethical Guidelines for Driverless Cars

These robots are going to have to make some tough choices.