saturated fat


You're Using Coconut Oil For Way Too Many Things

Here are the very few uses that can actually benefit your health.
Elizabeth Brown
Nicole Wetsman

Why Was Data Proving That Butter Isn’t Bad for You Hidden Away for Decades?

New research—based, oddly enough, on old data—suggests that consuming vegetables oils high in linoleic acids does not, in fact, reduce the risk of heart disease or overall mortality.
Alex Swerdloff

The Federal Government Is Lying to You About Milk

The federal government's Dietary Guidelines for Americans continue to push for a low fat, high carb daily intake, all the while tarnishing the good name of whole milk.
Nick Rose

We Should All Be Eating Animal Fat

Now that it's no longer considered the enemy, we should be fully embracing the animal fats our grandparents cooked with. Plus, anything cooked in lard tastes way better than anything cooked in olive oil.
Gareth May

I Want to Believe in the Coconut Water Hype

Our obsession with coconuts—their water, flesh, oil and milk—doesn't show any sign of slowing any time soon. But are we right to just be knocking the so-called superfood back without doing some research?
Emily Steer
fried chicken

KFC's Prom Corsage Is as Bad as It Sounds

Last week, KFC unveiled its limited edition fried chicken prom corsage in hopes that pimply high schoolers would sport them in place of cheap carnations and red roses. I tried one on to see how awkward and greasy prom night could truly get. It's pretty...
Sarah Baird