Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Edited a Trump "America First" Campaign Speech. Manafort Helped Them Do It.

Longtime Trump friend Thomas Barrack sent the prepared remarks to a contact who shared them with the Emiratis and the Saudis.
Alex Lubben
Saudi Arabia

U.N.: “Credible Evidence” Saudi Crown Prince Was Involved in Khashoggi Execution

A report by a U.N. investigator called for further investigation of Mohammad bin Salman, and for sanctions on his personal assets.
David Gilbert
Profiting from the presidency

These Foreign Governments Got Leases in Trump World Tower after the Inauguration

The State Department approved the luxury-unit rentals, without approval from Congress
Rex Santus
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia beheaded a pro-democracy protester set to attend college in U.S.

Mujtaba al-Sweikat was one of 37 people the kingdom executed on what human rights groups say were trumped-up charges.
Emma Ockerman
War powers act

Trump's Yemen veto won't stop Congress from trying to punish Saudi Arabia

Congressional rage over the war in Yemen and the killing of Jamal Khashoggi isn't going away.
Matt Laslo

Iran hits back after Trump labels the Revolutionary Guard terrorists

“America has used terrorists as a tool in the region while the Guards have fought against them from Iraq to Syria," said Rouhani
David Gilbert
Jamal Khashoggi

Saudi Arabia is paying Jamal Khashoggi’s children millions to stay silent about his gruesome murder

The latest revelations come six months after the journalist was killed.
David Gilbert

NSO Group Says It Didn’t Hack Jeff Bezos On Behalf of Saudi Arabia

The controversial Israeli spyware vendor denied any role in the bizarre saga of Jeff Bezos against The National Enquirer.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Israeli Hacking Company NSO Group Is Trying to Clean Up Its Image

The notorious and controversial Israeli hacking and surveillance tools vendor NSO Group has launched a big marketing campaign with a new website and Google ads.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
zero days

A Saudi Cybersecurity Company Tried to Buy Zero Day Exploits from Me

We recently got a rare look at how a company tried to source these exploits through private one-on-one deals—because the company came to us.
Joseph Cox
Jamal Khashoggi

Khashoggi’s body was reportedly burned in a tandoori oven. And still the White House refuses to investigate.

The meeting was “a complete waste of time.”
David Gilbert

The Strange Disappearances of Saudi Students Accused of Crimes in the US

The Saudi government is facing allegations that it helped its citizens escape trial for serious crimes.
Donovan Farley