Teen Security Researcher Suspended for Exposing Vulnerabilities in His School’s Software

Another vulnerability that Bill Demirkapi found impacted 5,000 schools.
Joseph Cox
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What It's Like to Be Stalked on a College Campus

"He's going to come in and kill us all one day," a coworker at my college newspaper told me.
Sophie Eve

Ohio school board that wanted to arm teachers sued for allegedly censoring and doxxing parents

The district is among at least 215 nationwide that have voted to arm school staff.
Tess Owen
Late Capitalism

What Amazon Infiltrating America's School System Might Look Like

The corporate giant's computer science initiative could help local kids find decent tech jobs. But will it put a dent in inequality?
Ankita Rao
arming teachers

"We can't turn society into an armed camp": New York is trying to ban teachers from carrying guns

“We can’t turn our whole society into an armed camp. I think that’s misguided.”
Tess Owen
school lunches

School District Now Sending Kids' Unpaid Lunch Bills to Collections

One Rhode Island school district is playing hardball to recoup more than $45,000 of unpaid lunch balances.
Jelisa Castrodale

'Remini' App Used by Schools Left Personal Info Open to the World

The API exposed the profile photos of children, as well as email addresses, phone numbers, and milestones parents and educators use the app to preserve.
Joseph Cox

Detroit schools are shutting off drinking water 5 days before kids come back from summer

The district has now shut off water in a total of 34 schools — including 16 announced on Wednesday — due to water quality issues.
Emma Ockerman
Confederate symbols

Three Tulsa schools don’t want to commemorate America’s racist past anymore

Three schools are ditching the names of Christopher Columbus, Robert E. Lee, and slave owner Jean-Pierre Chouteau.
Christianna Silva
school safety commission

Betsy DeVos is in Switzerland instead of at her School Safety Commission’s public listening session

None of the commission's three other officials will be there either
Tess Owen

Middle School Teacher Nearly Loses Job After Making Pancakes for Hungry Students

Ninety-five percent of the 500 students at the Pennsylvania school where Kyle Byler teaches are from low-income homes.
Jelisa Castrodale
Rise Up

Campus Organizers Petition Government Agency to Recognize US as 'a Nation of Immigrants'

The new mission statement by the USCIS sparked a college-led, pro-immigration controversy for students to take action.
Katelyn Harrop