The Atheist in AA Fighting to Get 'God' Taken Out of the 12 Steps

Last year, Lawrence Knight took Alcoholics Anonymous to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal to take a stand against how non-believers have traditionally been treated in AA.


Righteous Defiance in Mississippi

Christians in Mississippi argue they've become a minority, and need laws to protect their religious objections to gay marriage.


Fourth Bangladeshi Blogger This Year Hacked to Death by Machete-Wielding Gang

Niloy Chakrabarti, better known on the internet by his pen name Niloy Neel, was a secular blogger who had criticized previous attacks on authors in the country.


Pope Francis Wants to Chew On Some Coca Leaves in Bolivia

Because of Bolivia's high altitude, the pope reportedly requested that coca leaves be ready for him to chew on once he arrives today in La Paz.


France Celebrated 'National Secularity Day' By Banning Baby Jesus From Public Buildings

A court-ordered ban on the display of traditional French nativity scenes has reignited debate over the separation of church and state in the country.


Does Sweden Discriminate Against Christians?

This spring, Sweden, normally considered one of the most free, equal, and democratic nations in the world, was reported to the European Committee of Social Rights for allegedly violating the human rights of pro-life doctors and nurses.