sex work

sex work

Gay Escorts Are Fighting Chemsex by Offering a 'Sober Sex' Service

Some escorts are now offering a more specialized service to help wean clients off of "H&H fun."
Jake Hall
sexual health

These Porn Actors Are Working to Destigmatize HIV

With services under threat and effective sex ed still a myth, HIV positive performers are using their platforms to educate and advocate.
Jake Hall
sex work

Your Job Has More in Common with Sex Work Than You Think

We spoke to one of the authors of 'Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Workers' Rights' about how to make the world of work better.
Tom Whyman

Screenwriter Isa Mazzei Subverted Every Shitty Sex Work Trope for 'Cam'

Before venturing into horror, the former camgirl heard many of the film’s chilling lines in real life.
Frederick Blichert

'Corner,' Today's Comic by Lukas Weidinger

A security guard has an awkward encounter with a doctor who seems to know him personally.
Lukas Weidinger

How a British Town Cleaned Up the Legacy of the 'Suffolk Strangler'

In 2008, Steve Wright was convicted of the murder of five sex workers. Ten years later, we visited Ipswich to see what memories remain.
Francisco Garcia

Twenty Four Hours in Berlin's Red-Light District

Rafaela, a 52-year-old sex worker, showed me around the stuffy cafes and dark corners of Berlin's biggest prostitution area.
Christina Hertel

A Day in the Life of an OnlyFans Adult Film Performer

What it's like to work as a performer who self-shoots, directs, and uploads their own videos of real sex with other models.
Michael Segalov

Sex Doll Brothels Are Here to Stay

Turns out the future of sex doll brothels might look a lot more like the film 'Her' than a free-for-all robot hump sesh, so get your head out of the gutter.
Mack Lamoureux
sex work

The Client Sex Workers Warn One Another About

In a new memoir, Andrea Werhun opens up about how johns are blacklisted.
Andrea Werhun
sex work

Men Talk About Their Ideal Relationship with Sex Workers

“They see you as more than just a dick with money.”
Frances Morton
sex work

The Emotional Side of Camming

The physical and psychological strain on women in an industry where success is dependant upon consistency and access is often conveniently forgotten.
Annie Lord