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A Hacker Stole 250K User Account Details from a Dutch Sex Work Site

By exposing a vulnerability in forum software, a hacker accessed 250,000 user details—including information that could identify individuals.


My True Romance With A Colombian Drug Lord

A trans woman talks about her up close experience with a deadly narco baron.


A Consultant for 'Hustlers' Explains Why Hollywood Gets Strippers Wrong

Jacq the Stripper explains her work on the box office hit, the unionization of sex workers, and why it's time for more positive depictions of stripping.


Twitter Is Asking Sex Workers If They’re Bots and Demanding Their Phone Numbers

After Twitter locked or limited a number of accounts owned by sex workers, users are wondering what's going on.


Actual Dancers Lost Thousands of Dollars When 'Hustlers' Filmed in Their Strip Club

Show Palace in New York City was closed for five days for filming and dancers who couldn't work didn't get paid.


Banks Have the Power to Ruin Your Sex Life

When perfectly legal businesses are blocked from actually making money by banks and services like PayPal, our cultural acceptance of sex is pushed further into the fringes.


Sex Workers Will Finally Be Able to Carry Condoms Without Fear of Arrest in California

The landmark bill also empowers them to report abuse and exploitation.


We're About to See What Happens When Prosecutors Don't Target Sex Workers

The election of Tiffany Cabán as Queens District Attorney will have huge implications for the sex-work community.


Bernie Sanders Says He'd Consider Decriminalizing Sex Work

He's the second frontrunner in 24 hours, after Elizabeth Warren.


Politicians Are Getting Serious About Decriminalizing Sex Work

In the past, these proposals were meant to advance the conversation. Now they're designed to be passed.


Here's Where the 2020 Democrats Stand on Sex Work

A guide to how candidates like Bernie Sanders to Joe Biden view the issue.


A Government Database for People Who Pay for Sex Is a Terrible, Dangerous Idea

A set of bills pass this month in Florida that, if they become law, will build a “Soliciting for Prostitution Public Database."