sexual assault


Matt Lauer’s Accuser Reportedly Told NBC Brass She Told the Anchor ‘No’ Multiple Times

Brooke Nevils did not use the word “rape,” but she “described one, unambiguously,” Ronan Farrow reported in the forthcoming book "Catch and Kill."


Donald Trump Kissed and Grabbed a Woman by the Vagina, New Book Alleges

The incident occurred at a New Year's Eve party at Mar-a-Lago in the early 2000s.


Will the 26 New Sexual Allegations Against Trump Be Ignored Like the Rest?

A new book titled 'All the President's Women' includes new stories about the president's alleged grotesque behavior.


She Wanted An Abortion. Feds Say Her Ex Threatened to Bomb the Clinic.

Court documents show a South Carolina man has been hit with federal charges for interfering with reproductive health care.


Nearly 1,500 Accusations of Sexual Assault Filed Against OSU Doctor

Richard Strauss worked at the school for 20 years.


Boris Johnson Says a Woman Is Only Accusing Him of Groping Her Because of Brexit

"I'm going to come under a certain amount of shot and shell," Johnson said.


The Sheer Horror of the Trump IUD

"An internal foreign object/person is in control of the body. How does it feel?"


Lyft Allegedly Kept a Driver on the Platform Who Held a Passenger at Gunpoint While Two Other Men Raped Her

Since August 1, the ride share giant has been sued for sexual assault by at least 26 passengers, who say the company has failed to remove rapists from the app and “dismisses and ignores” safety concerns.


1 in 16 Women Report Their First 'Sexual' Experiences Were Rape or Assault

Extrapolated to the whole U.S. population, this would mean 3.3 million women have experienced "forced sexual initiation."


How the Hell Did the Brock Turner Judge Get a Job as a Girls Tennis Coach? This Community Wants Answers

Judge Persky was recalled after giving the sexual assailant six months in jail. A community just pushed him out of his new gig.


Lyft Will Require Sexual Violence Prevention Training For Drivers, Following a Flurry of Lawsuits

The ride-share giant is adding new safety requirements for Lyft drivers—while fighting legislation that would give drivers more rights and benefits.


DIY Rape Kits Are a Terrible Idea, Says Basically Everyone

Legal experts and advocates say evidence from an at-home rape kit wouldn't be admissible in court.