It Looks Like a Tesla Model S Just Exploded in a Chinese Parking Garage

A CCTV video has captured what appears to be a Tesla Model S self-combusting in a Shanghai parking lot.


I Went on a Tinder Date to North Korea

It wasn't the worst Tinder date I've ever been on.


The US Pork and Beef Lobbies Are Hosting Cooking Classes to Win Over Chinese Youth

A dietitian present claimed the US-raised meats offered unique health benefits, and students received swag for sharing on social media.


These Rogue Foreigners Ruled the Streets of 1930s Shanghai

Gambling, drugs, you name it. "There was so much money being made that there wasn't a need to kill a lot of people."


The Queens Living It Up in China's Thriving Drag Scene

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In China, Lavish Pre-Wedding Photos Are a Booming Industry

From exotic beach landscapes, royalty, and fairy tales to James Bond-style set ups made to resemble action film posters, pre-wedding photos are an integral part of China's wedding culture.


Watch Shanghai Hardcore Punks Spill Your Guts Run Wild Across Russia

The band spent two weeks touring through Russia, documenting the most chaotic moments of the journey in their new video, "Get Impaled."


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Meet the Man Behind a Synthetic Marijuana Steampunk Rock Opera

On this episode of 'HAMILTON'S PHARMACOPEIA,' the host heads to New Zealand to meet a drug advocate working to create safe, legal synthetic weed.


Woman Delays Flight for Hours After Tossing Change in Engine for Good Luck

Police said she threw nine coins at the turbine "to pray for safety."


Rent-Your-Own Rain Rooms Become Big Business in China

Numerous online companies are renting out copycat installations of Random International’s widely acclaimed artwork.


China Doesn't Understand the Concept of American Chinese Food

Meet Fung and Dave, two Americans who opened up a Chinese-American restaurant in Shanghai, where the cooks shake their heads at dishes like crab rangoon and orange chicken and the customers don't understand the point of fortune cookies.