Here's a Video of Billionaire Tim Draper Singing About Bitcoin

The Bitcoin booster gave a bizarre performance at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam.


Yes. Nick Kroll and Reese Witherspoon Really Did Record an EDM Cover of a Taylor Swift Song

The song was recorded for the kid's animated film 'Sing.'


This New Stevie Wonder Song Featuring Ariana Grande Will Make Your Day

If this doesn’t make you involuntarily jig your leg under your desk, you may have no soul.


A Karaoke App Is Using Musical Data To Predict the Next US President

The Sing! Karaoke app is examining what songs people sing, and where, to figure out how swing states like Ohio and Arizona will vote.


XXYYXX Says He's the Head of the Illuminati

XXYYXX is not only a 16-year-old producer with an annoying name, he's also a musical prodigy. While a lot of kids his age are skipping school to huff glue (that's what I did), he devotes himself to making ghostly, Weeknd-esque slow-jams, like a web 2....