Skip Bayless


We Need a Return to the Innocence of Tebowmania

Somehow we've gotten to the point with news that the furor over Tim Tebow by the likes of Skip Bayless every morning now seems quaint and dare we say enjoyable.
Corbin Smith
troy aikman

Troy Aikman Blasts His New FOX Sports Coworker Skip Bayless

Strong words from Aikman on his new colleague.
Sean Newell

Stephen A. Smith Talks Tebow, Actually Makes Sense for Once

After Tim Tebow's baseball workout, Stephen A. Smith lost his mind and yet somehow managed to make sense.
Mike Vorkunov
Skip Bayless

Today is Skip Bayless's Last Day on "First Take," So Naturally They Debated Tim Tebow

Skip Bayless is going out clutching Tim Tebow.
Sean Newell
golden state

Stephen A. Smith Rants About Mark Jackson, is Somehow More Stephen A. Smith Than Ever

The soundbar says it all.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith Implies Chip Kelly Is a Racist

The goobers on 'First Take' strike again. This time by implying that Chip Kelly is a racist.
Sean Newell
colin cowherd

Colin Cowherd on Skip Bayless, Johnny Manziel, and Himself: I'm a Bigger Idiot

Colin Cowherd used news that Johnny Manziel is going to rehab to further bash the athlete, while simultaneously praising Skip Bayless, Jim Rome, and himself.
Sean Newell

Three Twitter Poems by Darren Rovell, Peter King, and Skip Bayless

Is there some secret poetry lurking in even the most mundane Sports Twitter feed? With the help of Poetweet, we discovered that the answer is "kind of."
David Roth

Skip Bayless Calls Johnny Manziel an Alcoholic, 'First Take' Still the Worst

"First Take" couldn't let the New Year come without remind everyone that it is just the worst.
Sean Newell

Stephen A. Smith Responds To His Own Garbage Opinions About Domestic Violence

The ESPN panelist doesn't understand why people are mad about his well-intentioned, but misinformed opinions about domestic violence.
Lindsey Adler
Friday Thinks With Luke Winkie

A History of Skip Bayless Interacting with Rappers on ESPN's 'First Take'

Watch as Skip Bayless awkwardly navigates conversations with Lil Wayne, Nelly, 2 Chainz, T.I., and more!
Luke Winkie

My Dark Secret: I Like Watching Skip Bayless

"First Take" is completely indefensible, boorish, brainless, redundant, and drenched in corporate musk. And I watch it every week.
Luke Winkie