South China Sea

The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

US, South Korea, and North Korea test missiles, 44 states refuse to release some details to Trump's election commission, Joey Chestnut wins hot dog eating contest again, and more.
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China Is Giving Back the Stolen US Underwater Drone. What Now?

With two nuclear-armed states vying for influence in one of the world's most resource-rich regions, the stakes couldn't be higher.
David Axe
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A Chinese Warship Stole an Unmanned American Drone in the South China Sea

The unmanned, underwater vehicle was reportedly measuring oceanic activity in the region when a small crew from the Chinese warship swooped in and stole it in front of the US crew.
VICE Staff

Indonesia's Solution to Illegal Fishing Boats Is Just to Blow Them Up

Indonesia’s fishing operations are the second-largest in the region after China’s, and Indonesia loses about $20 billion in fish to foreign fishermen every year. Presumably that number will fall as more and more illegal fishing vessels are blown to...
Wyatt Marshall

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Michael Phelps wins his 21st gold medal in Rio, newly released emails revive questions about the Clinton Foundation's relationship to the State Department, Trump denies his gun rights remark was a veiled threat, and more.
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

More Republicans condemn Trump, the Department of Justice wants police to count arrest-related deaths, US swimmer Lilly King beats her Russian rival for gold, and more.
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​Chinese Hackers Thought to Target Philippines Over South China Sea Dispute

Security company F-Secure says malware that targeted the Philippines government and other organisations is linked to disputes over the South China Sea.
David Gilbert

Why KFCs in China Are the Target of Geopolitical Protests

“What you eat is KFC. What is lost is the face of our ancestors.”
Alex Swerdloff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, members of the New Black Panther Party will bring arms to the Black Unity rally in Cleveland, President Obama is hosting a meeting today with civil rights activists and police, and more.
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

A muslim doctor was shot outside a Texas mosque, the death toll in the Baghdad bombing has risen to at least 200, China has plans for military drills in the South China Sea, and more in today's Morning Bulletin.
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Indonesia Is Fighting Illegal Fishing By Blowing Up Boats

That's one way to stop poachers.
Robert Beckhusen

China Wants to Build a Deep Sea 'Space Station'

China's plans to claim sovereignty over the South China Sea just got a whole lot deeper.
Sarah Emerson