space race

space race

It's apparently easier to send a man into space than to make enough space suits to fit 2 women

NASA cancelled its first all-female spacewalk because only one medium-sized spacesuit could be made available.
Carter Sherman
space race

NASA just landed a spacecraft on Mars for the first time in six years

And there's a picture!
Rex Santus
space race

Trump’s Space Force is a bad idea, according to former Air Force secretary

President Trump’s Space Force is an out of this world request, said an Obama-era Air Force secretary Monday.
Christianna Silva
Sputnik Turns 60

How Dreams of Spacefaring Zombies Led to the Launch of Sputnik

What, you think there’s enough room on Earth for everyone who has ever lived? No way, we need a spaceship stat.
Becky Ferreira
JFK Centennial

JFK and the American-Soviet Moon Landing That Wasn’t

“Why don’t we do it together?”
Becky Ferreira
RIP Roger Moore

Let’s Remember Roger Moore With This Absurd ‘Moonraker’ Space Laser Battle

The beloved actor died on Tuesday at 89, but his sense of comic absurdity lives on.
Becky Ferreira

The next space race: India and China challenge U.S. and Russian dominance

David Gilbert

Short Film Celebrates First Spacecraft to Send Data Back from Another Planet

Venera 4 threw itself into the Venusian inferno so we wouldn’t have to.
Becky Ferreira

55 Years Ago, Yuri Gagarin Became the First Human in Space

55 years isn’t long, but look back at the technology and politics of the first human spaceflight and it seems like a different planet.
Nell Frizzell
defense & security

The Pentagon Is Betting Big on Space Warfare — Against China and Russia

The US Defense Department is pouring money into an extraterrestrial arms race at a time when China and Russia are increasingly asserting themselves in space.
Greg Walters

How the Soviets Got Scooped on Their Own Historic Moon Landing

Fifty years ago, the rest of the world saw the first snapshots from the Luna 9 lander before Soviet citizen did.
Becky Ferreira

Blue Origin Just Secretly Landed a Reusable Rocket

Jeff Bezos's space company becomes the first to launch a rocket to space and then land it back on Earth.
Jason Koebler