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Hell in a Cell and the Limits of WWE's Feminism

Sasha Banks and Charlotte made history by wrestling in Hell in a Cell on Sunday, but for all the progress women wrestlers have made at WWE, there are still some questions.
Ian Williams
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How ‘WWE 2K17’ Fixes the Series’ Longstanding Animation Awkwardness

How does an annual video game franchise improve itself from year to year? 2K gave Motherboard a hands-on look at WWE 2K17, and here’s what we found.
Kevin Wong

Conor McGregor's Mouth, Vince McMahon's Thirst, And The WWE/MMA Flirtation

When Conor McGregor made the decision to trash-talk WWE's entire roster, it seemed to telegraph yet another crossover between two sports that need each other.
Ian Williams

"I Mean, We Wrestle a Lot": Talking to Ring Of Honor's Joe Koff, Independent Wrestling's Independent

A conversation with Joe Koff, COO of the mega-indie wrestling circuit Ring Of Honor, about wrestling, business, the wrestling business, and the Kevin Owens Factor.
Ian Williams

WWE Could Have a Golden Age, If It Can Figure Itself Out

In Battleground, WWE nailed the introduction of NXT hero Bayley and delivered a solid triple threat between The Shield's stars. But they're still not quite there yet.
Ian Williams
weak in review

Beat That Wall, or "American Ninja Warrior" in Uneasy Times: David Roth's Weak In Review

What the best sports show on earth shows us about people, and sports, at a less-than-great time.
David Roth

With The Cruiserweight Classic, WWE Is Getting Outside Its Comfort Zone

In its new single-elimination Cruiserweight Classic, WWE is showcasing different wrestlers, and different styles, than its beefy usual fare. It's a good call.
Blake Murphy

WWE's Bizarrely Bland Brand Split Needs Some Hype

WWE's rivalry between Raw and Smackdown had promise, but it's been undone by a sleepy boardroom feud between Shane and Stephanie McMahon. Where's the heat?
Ian Williams

The Hardy Boyz Renaissance Is Here, And It's Glorious

Matt and Jeff Hardy have had long, eventful careers in wrestling, but nothing that matches the pure batshit beauty and multi-level weirdness of their current TNA feud.
Ian Williams

The End Of Roman's Reign

When Roman Reigns lost clean in his Money In The Bank match, it was surprising. When he got suspended, it was more so. But this is how it's supposed to be.
Ian Williams
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What WWE Needs Most Is More Stories

When it comes to storytelling, WWE has always favored big heroes. Given the promotion's wealth of talent , it would be a waste not to tell some different ones.
Ian Williams
Pro Wrestling

What Did WWE Not See in Cody Rhodes?

The son of the legendary Dusty Rhodes did everything that was asked of him by WWE, and consistently got over no matter what. They cut him loose anyway.
Blake Murphy