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Derrick Rose Is Always On Court When Players Suffer Gruesome Leg Injuries

The Minnesota Timberwolves point guard was on the court at the same time Paul George, Gordon Hayward, and Caris LeVert got hurt. Suspicious.


Gear Physics: The Leg-Saving Brilliance of Skis That Let Go

Modern skiing was made possible by a 1930s invention: releasable ski bindings.


The Warriors Have Been Lucky with Injuries, and That's Part of What Makes Them So Good

NBA history shows that championship teams are remarkably healthy, which could bode well for the Cleveland Cavaliers in their Finals rematch against Golden State and a possibly ailing Steph Curry.


Welp, Here's Taylor Swift Rapping Drake and Future and Then Falling Off a Treadmill

I just caught my tempo like I'm Taylor Swift, woo!


This Color Changing Helmet Material Could Help Detect Concussions

Given how difficult it is to diagnose brain injuries, an external signal could be extremely helpful.