Syed Rizwan Farook

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San Bernardino Gunman's Brother, Two Others Arrested for Alleged 'Sham Marriage' Scheme

The FBI served search warrants at two California residences and arrested three people on charges related to an alleged "sham marriage" for immigration purposes.
Tess Owen

What If the FBI Tried to Crack an Android Phone? We Attacked One to Find Out

What happens when one tries to crack into a locked Android phone?
William Enck and Adwait Nadkarni

FBI Unlocks San Bernardino iPhone and Drops Case Against Apple

The abrupt end to a confrontation that had transfixed the tech industry was a victory for Apple, which said helping investigators break into the iPhone would have set a dangerous precedent.
Reuters and VICE News

Judge: Order to Compel Apple Has Been 'Unenforceable' All Along

Was the DoJ about to lose big in the San Bernardino iPhone case?
Sarah Jeong
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The FBI Says a 'Third Party' May Know How to Unlock the iPhone Without Apple’s Help

The tech community and supporters of Apple suggested the timing of the FBI's announcement, just a day before a major hearing in the case, was suspicious.
Reuters and VICE News
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US Police Groups Claim Encryption Has Made iPhones the 'Device of Choice' for Criminals

A court filing by the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association and two others cited a jailhouse phone call in which an inmate called Apple's encryption a "gift from God."
Reuters and VICE News
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FBI Approved Hack That Complicated Access to San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone Data

Resetting the phone's iCloud password potentially blocked an alternate way for authorities to access the data on the phone without Apple’s help.
Atoosa Moinzadeh
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The Fight Between Apple and the FBI Could Shape the Future of Digital Privacy

The FBI’s request for Apple to help unlock an iPhone that belonged to a gunman in the San Bernardino mass shooting could have massive repercussions.
John Dyer

Apple: We Will Fight FBI Demand to Crack iPhone Passcode

Tim Cook argues cracking San Bernardino shooter's phone would set a dangerous precedent that "would undermine the very freedoms and liberty our government is meant to protect."
Joseph Cox

A Friend of the San Bernardino Shooters Is Now Facing Criminal Charges

Enrique Marquez, a former neighbor of radicalized Muslim Syed Rizwan Farook, who carried out the December 2 attack with his wife, Tashfeen Malik, could be charged as early as Thursday.
Reuters News Agency

FBI Says San Bernardino Suspects Did Not Pledge to Wage Jihad on Social Media

FBI Director James Comey appeared to refute reports that said that Tashfeen Malik had pledged her support for violent jihad on social media and said that she hoped to join the fight one day.
VICE News and Reuters

The San Bernardino Shooters Were Discussing an Attack a Year Before They Even Met

Many early theories speculated that Tashfeen Malik convinced her husband Syed Rizwan Farook to carry out the attack, but the FBI director is now saying both openly discussed such an attack years before they married.
VICE News and Reuters