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Here's Everything That Could Be More Expensive Under Trump's New China Tariffs

The trade war rages on, and it's about to hit U.S. consumers in the wallet.
David Gilbert

Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony Say Trump’s Tariffs Will Make Consoles Cost More

US consumers will pay a total of $840 million more for consoles than they would without Chinese tariffs, the companies warn.
Karl Bode
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Trump Pushes Ahead with Mexico Tariffs that Basically Everyone Thinks Are Terrible

One analysis predicts the tariffs will cost 400,000 jobs, and his own party is considering a mutiny.
David Gilbert
Senate Republicans

Republicans Are Practically Begging Trump Not to Impose Tariffs On Mexico

It's the first major showdown between the president and Senate Republicans.
Matt Laslo
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Trump's Own Party Is Plotting to Stop His Trade War With Mexico

Lawmakers are increasingly concerned that Trump's tariffs on Mexican goods would amount to a tax on U.S. consumers and businesses.
David Gilbert

Joe Biden Plans “Progressive” Trade Rollout to Attack Trump on Tariffs

The former vice president is under attack on trade from two trade populists: President Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders
Daniel Newhauser
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China Hits Back at Trump’s Tariff Threats: “Do Not Even Think About It”

The Trump administration is set to impose massive tariffs on Chinese goods previously spared by the long-simmering trade war.
David Gilbert
xi jinping

Trump says Xi Jinping liked it when he called the Chinese president ‘king’

"I get along with him great," Trump said Tuesday.
David Gilbert
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The realities of Trump's trade war

Economists worry the continuing fallout from tariffs may lead to more pain in 2019.
trade war

Trump claims China has agreed to “remove” tariffs on U.S. cars — but Beijing is saying nothing

"Relations with China have taken a BIG leap forward!"
David Gilbert

Congress Hates Trump's Trade Wars, but It Won't Do Anything About Them

Republicans don't like tariffs, but they like pushing back against the president even less.
Mark Hay
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A Ship Full of Soybeans Has Been Drifting Aimlessly for a Month Because of Trump’s Trade Wars

Peak Pegasus has been loitering off the coast of China since July 6.
Danielle Wayda