Trump threatens Harley-Davidson with a “big tax” for trying to dodge the trade war he started

"If they move, watch: It will be the beginning of the end."


Amazon Wins Patent for Data Stream to ‘Identify’ Bitcoin Users for Law Enforcement

Amazon’s latest patent aims to combine data from various sources to identify cryptocurrency users for subscribers including the taxman and cops.


People Who Own Cryptocurrency Are Getting Slammed With More Taxes Than They Expected

And some investors are opting to not pay taxes at all, according to accountants.


South Koreans Will Soon Have to Go to Through a Bank to Buy Bitcoin

The country is announcing some serious new policies this week.


Democrats are trying to make Republicans pay for net neutrality’s death

Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Ed Markey introduced a resolution on Friday that could force Republicans to get on the record about net neutrality or not.


The GOP tax plan could send American democracy into a doom loop

Republicans are moving closer to finalizing a tax overhaul that will lift the tax burden on America’s richest citizens and plonk it down on those less well-off.


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Trump goes after Al Franken over alleged sexual misconduct, GOP wins key votes for tax bill, Russian diplomat admits to "long list" of Trump contacts, and more.